Asbestos Training

Target Audience: McGill University's policy states that all persons who work with asbestos-containing materials and those who supervise work or manage projects involving the disturbance of asbestos containing materials must be trained in the hazardous properties of asbestos and the applicable procedures to follow, to ensure community safety. Such training must be renewed every three years.

Course language: English. French to come in the near future/La version française n'est pas encore disponible.

McGill students, staff and faculty can complete the online course and exam using the EHS Safety Training System - Web Training. (includes exam to receive certification)

Awareness (video only, no test, no certification): You can view the Asbestos Basic Online video (McGill log-in required).

Cost (McGill): Free for the McGill Community (students, staff and faculty).


  • How to access the McGill asbestos database;
  • General information about Asbestos;
  • Health effect caused by asbestos exposure;
  • Asbestos legislation;
  • McGill asbestos policy;
  • Asbestos work risk levels; and
  • Asbestos incident response protocol.

Certification: An Asbestos Basic training e-certificate is granted to participants who successfully complete the exam (80%). Certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

Duration: 40 minutes (not including online exam)

Advance Asbestos Course TBA

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