Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets

Target Audience: All staff and students required to use a biological safety cabinet must follow this course.

Training: You can view the Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets Online Training video (McGill log-in required). There is also a supplementary training video created by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Please take the time to view both videos prior to writing the exam.

McGill students, staff and faculty can complete the online course and exam using the EHS Safety Training System - Web Training.

Non-McGill student registrants please complete and submit the Paying Participant Training Form.

Certification: A certificate is presented to participants who successfully complete the online exam. Certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

Content: HEPA filtration, cabinet airflow characteristics, types of hoods, and safe work practices.

Duration: 1.5 hours (excluding online examination time)

Cost (McGill): Free for McGill Community (students, staff and faculty). 

Cost (Non-McGill): $25 (if paid by PI); $100.00 per person plus applicable taxes for other payment methods.

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