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Kinesiology Clinic Offerings and Current Projects

Kinesiology Clinic offerings and current projects

1- Lunchtime training program

Why not use your lunchtimes to get exercise training in your day?

Under the guidance of Kinesiology students, develop and maintain your cardiovascular health and muscular strength during your lunchtime (10-week program, Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 12:00-13:00 OR 13:00-14:00). After an initial health interview and fitness assessment, you will train twice a week for 8 weeks, after which you will be provided with another fitness assessment to see how much you have improved!

* New Covid 19 online training – Continue to experience the benefits of training from your home or office. We will create training programs for you to complete with little to no equipment that you can do from home. Sessions are run via zoom. We have had great feedback so far from our pilot project. Sessions would aim to target your cardiovascular fitness and help you maintain your strength and endurance while giving you some added motivation.

Cost: 110$
This program is offered in fall, winter and summer semesters.
Maximum of 4 people per class, total of 16 participants for the program per semester.

2- Ergonomics assessments

Office Ergonomics:
Wondering if your computer workstation is properly set up and if you have healthy office work habits? Get your workstation assessed and get tips to help improve your immediate office environment.  Cost: 50$. 
By appointment.

Full Ergonomics assessment:
Does your job involve some lifting, pushing, or repetitive movements? Do you ever wonder what you can do to avoid developing work-related injuries? We are ready to conduct a full assessment and to make suggestions on how to adopt healthy and safe work habits.  Cost: 80$
By appointment.

*Ergonomic assessments also offered remotely online. Perfect to help you with the set up of your home office. Get advice on correct positioning of your monitor, correct height of your desk appropriate chair to use and more great helpful tips. As we move into this new way of working it is becoming even more important to have your set up at home. Having the correct setup of your home office can help with better posture, less back pain, and help avoid overuse injuries.

3- Running gait analysis

Is your running on the right track? We will review your training background and injury history, check your running shoes and assess your running technique. We film you running from 3 different angles and then sit down and analyze the footage with you, pointing out any potential flaws or biomechanical deficits. From the footage when then give you tips to improve your training and running to potentially diminish your injury risk.

- General assessment, cost: 60$

By appointment. Assessments usually take 1 hour to complete.

Contact us at clinic.kpe [at] to book your appointment or session. Please indicate the package(s) and date/time choices (lunch time training) that you are interested in, in the email subject header.

Don’t see what you are looking for? If you have some questions or specific concerns regarding your own physical activity needs or goals, just contact at clinic.kpe [at] to determine if one of our “plans in progress” can be of interest to you.

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