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McGill program calendars

McGill's 22 faculties and professional schools, on two campuses, offer programs of study in some 300 areas. The course calendars below are catalogs of courses, policies and other important information.

All of McGill's program calendars are housed on the eCalendar website.

If you're looking for a list of important course-related dates, click here.

Navigating the Calendars

  • The eCalendar's Faculties & Schools page is a good place to start; it provides a site map and overview of departments within each of McGill's faculties and schools.
  • You can search All Courses and All Programs to jump straight to a specific course or program and view its details and requirements.
  • For general university policies such as GPA guidelines, application procedures, and more, refer to the University Regulations and Resources section.
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eCalendar Content Syndication

eCalendar content syndication is a way to avoid content duplication. Simply by typing a short code into your McGill website, you can reflect any program or course information, as well as any general information that appears in the McGill eCalendar.

This code, or short-tag, will not change from year to year (unlike urls), and will automatically update content according to updates in the eCalendar. This will save website managers and departments resources otherwise spent updating this info, since the short-tags will always reflect the official version and pull in updates as soon as they’re approved and processed by Enrolment Services.

Please refer to Knowledge Base article 2723 for instructions and further information, including how to find specific short-tags, or contact ecalendarsupport [dot] es [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


  • Courses

    Short-tag ex.: [ course medium BIOL 200 ]

    "Short" version: BIOL 200 Molecular Biology

    "Link" version:  BIOL 200 - Molecular Biology

    "Medium" version (expandable): 

    BIOL 200 Molecular Biology 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

    A "long" version is also available, which always shows course content expanded on the page.


  • Programs

    Short-tag ex.: [ program link BA-H X ANT1 MAJOR ]

    "Link" version:  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Honours Anthropology

    "Medium" version (expandable): 

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Honours Anthropology (60 Credits)

    A "long" version is also available, which shows the full program content expanded on the page.


  • General content

    Short-tag ex.: [ ecalendar 09020fda800241cf 09020fda8002444a ]

    Example 1

    Faculty of Arts Degree Requirements

    Each student in the Faculty of Arts must be aware of the Faculty regulations as stated in this publication and on the McGill, Arts, and Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) websites.

    While departmental and Faculty advisers and staff are always available to give advice and guidance, the ultimate responsibility for completeness and correctness of your course selection and registration, for compliance with, and completion of your program and degree requirements, and for the observance of regulations and deadlines, rests with you. It is your responsibility to seek guidance from Arts OASIS if in any doubt; misunderstanding or misapprehension will not be accepted as cause for dispensation from any regulation, deadline, program, or degree requirement.

    To be eligible for a B.A. degree, you must fulfil all Faculty and program requirements as indicated below:

    Taken from Programs, Courses and University Regulations 2015-2016 (last updated Mar. 4, 2015).

    Example 2

    Geography Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

    Admission Requirements

    M.A. and M.Sc. Degrees

    Applicants not satisfying the conditions in Graduate Admissions and Application Procedures, but with primary undergraduate specialization in a cognate field, may be admitted to the M.A. or M.Sc. degree in Geography in certain circumstances. In general, they, and others who have deficiencies in their preparation but are otherwise judged to be acceptable, will be required to register for a Qualifying program or to undertake additional courses.

    Ph.D. Degree

    Students who have completed a master's degree in Geography (with high standing) may be admitted at the Ph.D. 2 level.

    On rare occasions, a student may be admitted to the Ph.D. degree without having first taken the master's degree. They, and others who have deficiencies in their preparation but are otherwise acceptable, will be required to register for a year of coursework and/or be required to take extra courses. The normal duration of a program, including field work where required, is three years.

    Normally, the Department will restrict admission to the Ph.D. program to students prepared to work in one of the fields of human or physical geography in which specialized supervision is offered. These, which cover a wide range of systematic areas, are listed in documents available from the Department.

    Application Procedures

    McGill’s online application form for graduate program candidates is available at www.mcgill.ca/gradapplicants/apply.

    See Application Procedures for detailed application procedures.

    Further departmental application information is listed at www.mcgill.ca/geography/graduate.

    Additional Requirements

    The items and clarifications below are additional requirements set by this department:

    • Research Proposal
    • Letters of Reference – two references required for M.A. and M.Sc. programs; three references required for Ph.D. program
    • Curriculum Vitae

    Application Deadlines

    The application deadlines listed here are set by the Geography Department and may be revised at any time. Applicants must verify all deadlines and documentation requirements well in advance on the appropriate McGill departmental website; please consult the list at www.mcgill.ca/gps/contact/graduate-program.

    Canadian International Special/Exchange/Visiting
    Fall: Jan. 31 Fall: Jan. 31 Fall: Jan. 31
    Winter: N/A Winter: N/A Winter: N/A
    Summer: N/A Summer: N/A Summer: N/A

    Admission to graduate studies is competitive; accordingly, late and/or incomplete applications are considered only as time and space permit.

    Taken from Programs, Courses and University Regulations 2015-2016 (last updated Jul. 14, 2015).