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Office Ergonomics

Ergo Your Office Space

Setting up your workstation properly is important for reducing discomfort, pain and risk of injury. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety “working in an office may seem harmless but musculoskeletal injuries can develop over time, especially for workers who spend the majority of their time sitting and typing in front of a computer". Use the resources below to assess your optimal set-up and adjust and apply the tips that work for you.

Even with an optimal set-up, our bodies are not meant to be static for a long period of time. Remember to move often throughout the day. For tips on moving at work, visit the Health and Well-Being page.


School of Physical and Occupational Therapy: Guide For Purchasing Ergonomic Equipment


Step 1: Many HR Advisors received training to perform basic ergonomic workstation assessments. Should you feel discomfort at your workstation or if you would simply like to make sure your workstation is set up correctly to prevent pain or injury, do not hesitate to contact the HR Advisor assigned to your faculty/department.

McGill Office Ergo Rep Contact List

If your area is not represented in this list, please contact [at] based on your needs, they will assign you someone.

Step 2: Work Well McGill - Ergonomic assessments for McGill Staff and Faculty (OFFERED UNTIL APRIL 2024)

Should you continue to feel discomfort at your workstation following an assessment by your HR Advisor, you can request an office ergonomic assessment from Work Well McGill, which is run by the McGill Occupational Therapy Program and promotes wellness in the workplace. These assessments are completed by occupational therapy students within the Professional Master’s Program and are overseen by a licensed occupational therapist and educator within the Occupational Therapy Program.

Email [at] and cc. your HR Advisor if you are interested and Work Well McGill will contact you when an opening becomes available.

Environment Health and Safety Ergonomics statement of policy and services available
Self-assessment checklist

Use this checklist to review and assess your workstation periodically. 

Computer work station adjustments Use this as a visual guide to help you set up your work station. 
Stretching exercises for the office Use these stretches for your fingers, hands, shoulders and back while you are sitting at your desk


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