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Need info (Security Services)? A McGill staff member is usually available between 07h00-20h00 during weekdays and between 09h00-17h00 on Saturdays. To request information, please fill out the online form

Our team

Name Role Contact
Pierre Barbarie


(Campus Public Safety)

514 398-5236
or by pierre.barbarie [at] (email)

Josee Filteau

Administrative Coordinator

(Security Services)

514 398-3508
or by josee.filteau [at] (email)

Christopher Carson

Associate Director

(Security Services)

514 398-4557
or by christopher.carson [at] (email)

Jeremme Doucette

Operations Manager

(Security Services, Downtown Campus)

514 398-3369
or by jeremme.doucette [at] (email)

Kelsey Tibbo

Operations Manager

(Security Services, Macdonald campus)

514 398-7700
or by kelsey.tibbo [at] (email)

Kevin Byers

(Investigations and Community Relations)

514 398-6112
or by kevin.byers [at] (email)

Kristen Wilmot

(Physical Security Systems)

514 398-6018
or by kristen.wilmot [at] ( email)

Vanessa Chan

Emergency Preparedness Officer

(Emergency Management & Preparedness)

514 398-4739
or by vanessa.chan [at] (email)

Sarah Delisle

Emergency Planning Officer

(Emergency Management & Preparedness)

514 398-4233
or bysarah.delisle [at] ( email)

Philipp Raecke Baro

Operations Manager

(Fire Prevention)

514 398-7471
or byphilipp.raeckebaro [at] ( email)

Jo-Ann Sciampacone


(Parking & Transportation Services)

514 398-8437
or by Jo-Ann.Sciampacone [at] (email )

Eric Ducharme


(Environmental Health and Safety)

514 398-4563
or by eric.ducharme [at] (email )
Joseph Vincelli

Operations Manager

(Environmental Health and Safety)

514 398-1538
or by joseph.vencelli [at] (email )
Christian Bouchard


(Hazardous Waste Management)

514 398-5066
or by christian.bouchard [at] (email )


Full contact information (click to expand)

Emergency Management and Preparedness

1010 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 500, Montreal, Qc, H3A 2R7

Email: emergency.mgmt [at]

Security Services Downtown

Burnside Hall

805 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 120, Montreal, Qc, H3A 0B9

Email: [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398-4556

Fax: 514 398-5186

Emergencies: 514 398-3000

Our Security Operation Centre functions 24/7 and can be reached downtown by dialing 514 398–4556 option 1

Security Services Macdonald Campus

Laird Hall, room 101

21111 Lakeshore Road, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Qc, H9X 3V9

Email: [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398-7770

Emergencies: 514 398-7777

Our Security Operation Centre functions 24/7 and can be reached 514 398-7770

Fire Prevention

3610 McTavish Street, suite 32-0, Montreal, Qc, H3A 1Y2

Email: fireprevention [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398 FIRE (3473)

Emergencies: 514 398 FIRE (3473)

Parking & Transportation Services

1010 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 500, Montreal, Qc, H3A 2R7

Email: [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398-4559

Environmental Health & Safety

3610 McTavish, 4th floor, Montreal, Qc

Email: ehs [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398-4563

Hazardous Waste Management

3655 promenade Sir William Osler, room 129

Email: hwm [at]

General Inquiries: 514 398-5066


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