Accompaniment Services


    is a volunteer SSMU service that provides free and confidential accompaniment for those who are walking at night. No matter what the reason, our volunteers will get you from A to B, safely, anywhere on the island of Montreal. Our nightly service seeks to create a visible culture of safety in the Montreal community. WALKSAFE is available to any person or group of persons who want to use it. Safe-walks can be requested by phoning the WALKSAFE office at 514-398-2498.  WALKSAFE operates on a first come, first serve basis and can take the metro, bus, and taxi. Please visit Walksafe's website for more information.

  • Security Services Safety Escort Security Services agents will provide a safety escort within certain limits 24/7. Call 514-398-3000 (Downtown) or 514-398-7777 (Mac). 

Check-In Service 

Working Late or Alone? It is not recommended to work alone at night. But if it is necessary, you can request that one of our Security Agents visit you. If possible, plan ahead and let us know a few days in advance when you'll be working late. To receive this service on the Downtown Campus, call us at 514-398-3000 (Downtown) or 514-398-7777  (Mac).

Over the holiday period, you can avail yourself of the Check-in/check-out Service by dropping by our office or calling us at 514-398-3000 (Downtown) or 514-398-7777 (Mac).

Online Exchange Zone

If you make an online purchase requiring an in-person exchange, our Online Exchange Zone is open to you. The Security Services reception area functions as the Online Exchange Zone and is open between regular office hours (8:30 - 16:30). Simply present yourself at our reception area Room 120 Burnside Hall (Downtown) or Room 101 Laird Hall (Mac) to avail yourself of this service.

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