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Area Access Manager Request Forms

  • Access the Physical Security Systems AAM Portal.
    • You will need to log in to access the AAM request forms. Access to the portal is restricted to Area Access Managers.
    • [at] (subject: Request%20the%20Area%20Access%20Manager%20User%20Guide) (Request the Area Access Manager User Guide )

*Please note: The Help Desk requires 4 business days to process a request. Requests that do not respect the 4 day policy may not be processed on time

Area Access Managers

An Area Access Manager (AAM) is a designated person within a department or faculty responsible for managing its card reader(s) by assigning and removing cardholder access to their areas and establishing and modifying card reader settings. AAMs receive specific training from Security Services.

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Area Access Manager Training Session (LNL100)

Target Audience: McGill staff who are responsible for access rights to card readers.

Prerequisites: Before registering for this course, an online request MUST be submitted from an existing Area Access Manager to the Physical Security Systems Helpdesk, and the request must be approved by Physical Security Systems. The Area Access Manager Training session will introduce Area Access Managers (AAMs) to card reader technology. AAMs’ and Security Services’ rights and responsibilities regarding card readers will be reviewed. AAMs will learn to use LENEL OnGuard’s Area Access Manager Application to add and remove access rights to McGill cardholders. There will also be a practical hands on session to help AAMs negotiate the Area Access Manager application.

Duration 1.5 hours

Course format: Workshop

View the schedule of upcoming sessions and register: Lenel Training registration

Wait list: If there is no scheduled session for this course, you can still register on the waiting list.

Cancel your registration: If you are unable to attend the workshop you are scheduled for, please cancel your registration so that someone else may attend.

McGill ID Cards

Employees and students should carry identification cards at all times. Security Services personnel have the right to request the presentation of identification cards from anyone on University premises and may deny access to or require that any person unable to produce an identity card leave certain University premises. 

Faculty and staff IDs

Student IDs

McGill service providers [at] (subject: Request%20General%20Access%20Protocol) (Request General Access Protocol ) [at] (subject: Request%20Blank%20Access%20Cards%20Terms%20of%20Conditions%20and%20Use) (Request Blank Access Cards Terms and Conditions and Use )

Medeco Keys

How can I have a Medeco lock installed on my door?

  • You must be an authorized requestor with us or first receive authorization from the Building Director who must then file a request with Facilities Operations and Development. The word “Medeco” must be mentioned in the request to ensure that it is forwarded to us.
  • The room number and the number of keys required must be indicated on the request. Do not forget to include copies for the Building Director, Building Services and Security Services. Omitting this will deny access to cleaners and security agents who may require entry to service your area during silent hours.
  • Upon receipt of the request we may contact the Building Director and initial requestor to obtain more details regarding the requested installation. Once this is completed we will provide the appropriate code and key blanks to the McGill locksmiths for processing.
  • The locksmith will then cut the keys and return them to Security Services where the requestor will be contacted to collect them.
  • If the request is for additional keys for an existing Medeco lock, the process ends here.
  • If the request is for a new lock installation, the locksmith will be retain one key temporarily to be used in the installation of the cylinder. Once completed, the key will be returned to Security Services where the requestor will be able to retrieve it.

What about master and sub-master sets?

  • Security Services strongly discourages the use of a master building key. Security Services retains one master key for every building for emergency purposes. Building Directors may have a master key provided that it is stored in a locked key press.
  • Sub-master keys should be kept to a minimum and distributed on a need to have basis.
  • Only Building Directors, Faculty and Department administrators, Building Services personnel, and Security Services should have sub-master keys. Exceptions must be approved by one of the above. Sub-master keys must always be kept in a locked key press when not used.

What about key requests for locks that are not Medeco?

All other key requests or new installations that are not Medeco follow the same process except that they are not forwarded to us. In most cases, the locksmith will need the key to make a new copy. These miscellaneous keys may consist of the following brands:
Corbin, Yale, Sargent, etc. These keys are not controlled and copies can be made from any hardware store.
When an office key is lost or when a new occupant moves into an office, we highly recommend that the lock on the door be changed to a Medeco.

How do I request a Medeco key?

Medeco keys are request through the Facilities Call Centre (FCC).

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