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Card ReadersĀ 

Card readers are electronic devices that can read a specific identification badge, verify the access rights associated with that badge and unlock predetermined doors or operate elevators should the access rights be valid. Please be advised that card reader installations must be approved by your Building Director.

Did you know that you should never let people behind you piggy back when you're opening a door with a card reader? This may pose a serious security breach.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems use motion detectors, door/window contacts, and other devices to detect unauthorized entry into an alarmed area. They send a signal to the Security Operations Centre when an unauthorized entry occurs. Please be advised that intrusion alarm installations must be approved by your Building Director.

Always remember to check your building area to make sure it's empty before you arm the alarm.

Panic Buttons

Panic button alarms are used in locations where life threatening, medical aid or other situations requiring an immediate emergency response may arise. Panic alarms are usually installed at front-line customer service points, but portable alarms are also available. Please be advised that panic button installations must be approved by your Building Director.

Security Cameras

Or CCTV (Closed CircuitĀ Television) is a generic term used to describe a variety of video surveillance technologies. It refers to a system in which one or more video cameras are connected in a closed circuit or loop, with the images produced being sent to a central television monitor or recorded. Please be advised that security camera installations must be approved by your Building Director.

Lockdown buttons

Lockdown buttons are button alarms that can be activated when an emergency situation requiring the lockdown of doors takes place. They are installed at classroom entrances and podiums. These buttons are in place to enhance security in classrooms in the event of an active assailant, an immediate threat the persons or other incidents requiring users to Shelter-in-place.


Our protocols are available upon request: (send email request to [at]

  • Security Alarm Monitoring Protocol
  • Security Device Installation Protocol
  • Security Devices - Service Level Commitment
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