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Self Defense Awareness Workshop for Women

The R.A.D. System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The course is offered to all women at McGill for only $20.00. The course is taught in 1 day, which includes theory and practical self-defense techniques. Please note any individual who is currently pregnant or with prior conditions including cardiovascular problems cannot participate in RAD Systems Program.

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Active Shooter Training Workshop

This course is free for faculty and staff members of McGill University. You must provide a FOAPAL when you sign up and 5 working days notice is required to cancel or modify registration (to avoid a $50 cancellation fee). Click on the registration icon below to take you to the HR website. Active Shooter is listed under OTH.

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De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™

This workshop is designed to teach people to de-escalate potentially violent situations through assertiveness and interpersonal communication. The training will explore how anger and violence interplay, including opportunities for self-assessment of personal styles. Participants will develop a clear understanding of how to assess the potential for violence and respond with a diverse set of interpersonal tools and strategies designed to defuse potentially violent situations.

The workshop costs $50 per person. It does not include beverages or lunch.

Take the workshop with your team (contact 514 398 4556) or on your own (register) to ensure that you know how to approach different situations, threats, and emergencies that you may encounter and allow you to be prepared in any event.


Area Access Manager Training

An Area Access Manager (or AAM) is a designated person within a department or faculty responsible for managing its card reader(s) by assigning and removing cardholder access to their areas and establishing and modifying card reader settings. AAMs receive specific training from Security Services. All Area Access Managers must have this training. You must be approved by your manager to register for this course.

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