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Office of the Vice-Principal,
Administration and Finance
McGill University
James Administration Building
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Room 531, fifth floor
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4

Tel.: 514 398-6037
Fax: 514 398-5902

vp.admfin [at] (Email)

yves.beauchamp [at] (Yves Beauchamp)
Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance
Tel: 514 398-2883

joyce.donohue [at] (Joyce Donohue)
Senior Director, Strategy and Governance
514 398-5515

mandana.bassiri [at] (Mandana Bassiri)
Manager, Administration and Finance
514 398-5341

pietro.mastromatteo [at] (Pietro Mastromatteo)
Advisor, Governance
514 398-1838

julie.prsa [at] (Julie Prsa)
Assistant to the Vice-Principal
514 398-2883

gabrielle.deschamps2 [at] (Gabrielle Deschamps)
514 398-5125

vp.admfin [at] (R)vp.admfin [at] (oberta Grimm Trotta)
Administrative Coordinator
514 398-6364

james.sst [at] (James Shared Services Team (JSST))
Pat Blanch, Senior Financial Officer
514 398-6039

Lori Novak, Human Resources and Finance Officer
514 398-8823

Marina Dimova, Administrative Coordinator
514 398-2442