Organizational Structure

The Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) focuses on strategy, governance, portfolio management and project management, in order to efficiently and effectively manage University resources.


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Strategy and Governance Team

Senior Director, Strategy and Governance

The Senior Director, Strategy and Governance provides ongoing leadership and direction on strategic initiatives and priorities, governance and policy in all files involving the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance). The Senior Director provides strategic advice and guidance to the Vice-Principal and to reporting units.

Advisor, Governance

The Advisor, Governance is responsible for the effective delivery of governance meeting preparation processes. The Advisor facilitates the work for each governance meeting under the stewardship of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) as well as other high-level meetings requiring the Vice-Principal's participation.


The Administrator provides planning, organizational, communications and administrative duties with respect to strategic matters in the Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance). The Administrator is also responsible for logistical matters related to the Senior Director's strategic portfolio, including liaising with University community members and government officials. 

Office Administration Team

Manager, Administration and Finance

The Manager, Administration and Finance is responsible for supporting the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) in operationalizing strategic initiatives, ensuring an optimized management of resources, operations and projects and leading administrative and financial management activities of the Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance).

Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator is a resource central to the administrative needs of the office. The Administrative Coordinator supports the Office’s senior staff, and is responsible for governance documents management, archiving, and general office transactions (financial, procurement, IT and human resources). The Administrative Coordinator is also responsible for event management.

Assistant to the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

The Assistant to the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) is responsible for providing proactive and continuous support to the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance). This involves organizing the Vice-Principal’s calendar, preparing him adequately for scheduled meetings, including assembling documentation, and organizing incoming correspondence (email, hard copy or telephone).

James Shared Services Team

JSST offers services to the following units via a team of specialists in the fields of human resources and finance: Principal, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance), Legal Services, Secretariat, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), Office of the Associate Provosts, Planning and Institutional Analysis, Social Equity and Diversity Education, Ombudsperson, Risk Management and Insurance, Office of Investments, and Internal Audit.