Finance System Support and Transaction Services

julie.ghayad [at] (Julie Ghayad)
Systems and Transaction Services


3465 Durocher Street, 3rd floor
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8

Finance System Support

Responsibilities & Contacts

antoinette.sama [at] (Antoinette Sama)
Process Improvement Analyst, Finance System Support
loretta.bellucci [at] (Loretta Bellucci)
Supervisor Finance Infrastructure, Finance System Support
katya.lazarova [at] (Katya Lazarova)
Training Supervisor, Finance System Support


  • Leads and/or implements projects and process improvements pertaining to Banner/Minerva finance system and related applications.
  • Provides access and security to Banner Finance.
  • Provides finance help desk services, documentation and communication support, and training for Banner/Minerva finance system and related applications.

Finance Help Desk
fishelp.acct [at]

Transaction Services

3465 Durocher Street, 2nd floor
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8

Responsibilities & Contacts

tonia.sciannamblo [at] (Tonia Sciannamblo)
Associate Director, Transaction Services 

Transaction services areas of responsibility covers:

Accounts Payable, Central PCard Administration Team and Travel Desk

Accounts Payable 
3465 Durocher Street, 2nd floor
Rm 216
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8
accountspayable [at]

Central PCard Administration Team
pcardadministration [at]

Travel Desk
TravelDeskHelp.acct [at]

kimberley.renaud [at] (Kimberley-Ann Renaud)
Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Travel Desk
anita.recchilungo [at] (Anita Recchilungo)
Assistant Supervisor, Accounts Payable
kim.bellizzi [at] (Kim Bellizzi)
Assistant Supervisor, Travel Desk

The Accounts Payable unit is responsible for the following services:

  • Processing of invoices (vendor and non-vendor)
  • Processing of all outgoing payments including wires
  • Administration of the Procurement Card (PCard) program
  • Processing and payments of travel and other personal reimbursements
  • Travel Help Desk

Finance Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable
3465 Durocher Street, 3rd floor
Rm 323
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8 
Fax: 514-398-1327

maria.anania [at] (Maria Anania)
Supervisor, Accounts Receivable

The Finance Accounts Receivable unit is responsible for the following services:

  • The central billing and collection of all charges for services rendered to customers outside the University. Typical services include Printing Services, Telecom, Computing Centre, Facilities, ICC, etc.
  • Billing of payroll charges including benefits to hospitals and individuals.
  • Collection of receivables.

Banking Services

Banking Services
3465 Durocher Street, 2nd Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8

peter.guertin [at] (Peter Guertin)
Supervisor, Banking Services

The Banking Services unit is responsible for the following services:

  • Monitoring of all deposits and disbursements.
  • Administration of University merchant accounts (credit card/debit card/e-commerce)
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