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Finance AR Billing Questionnaire

The Finance AR Billing Questionnaire is to be completed when:

  • The McGill University Billing Department enters into an Agreement with a new Third Party
  • The McGill University Billing Department is selling/providing goods/services to an existing/active Third Party but a new Detail Code is required (i.e. either new fund or new account code (new good/service)).
  • For more information, refer to the Finance Accounts Receivable Policy 
  • Before you start, complete the Sales Tax Assessment Questionnaire to determine the applicable taxes.


Please note that Finance AR does not bill for:
- Donations
- Revenue related to research grants and contracts fund types
- Tuition related to credit courses
- Goods and Services provided by McGill Merchants. Please refer to the Merchant (PCI) Policy & Procedures - Accepting Credit/Debit Card Payments

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For assistance with this form, please contact Finance AR at arforms.finserv [at]

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