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Analysis, Planning, and Budget (APB)
James Administration Building, Suite 600
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4

Since COVID-19, staff work from home some of the time. We invite you to use email to reach a member of our team.


Executive Director's Office

Dr. Richard Martin
Executive Director, APB
richard.martin [at]





Serge Bergeron
Senior Director, Budget & Finance
serge.bergeron [at]

Melanie Pepin
Manager Budget
melanie.pepin [at]


Ilya Sabino-Ifill (on leave)
Budget Officer
ilya.sabino-ifill [at]

Josie Corsentino
Budget Officer
josie.corsentino [at]


Resource Allocations

Marilyn Baron
Director, Resource Allocations
marilyn.baron [at]

Cindy Bolduc
Budget and Resources Officer
cindy.bolduc [at]


Analytics and Business Intelligence, Benchmarking, and Surveys

Charles Lavergne
Senior Project Director
charles.lavergne [at]

Don Bargenda
Managing Director, Strategic Enrolment
don.bargenda [at]


Guillaume Dumais
Senior Planning Analyst
guillaume.dumais [at]

Irina Susan-Resiga
Senior Planning Analyst
irina.susan-resiga [at]


Freddy Colina
Senior Analyst, BI & Analytics
freddy.colina [at]

Jessie Lu
Analyst, BI & Analytics [at]


Bela Geurkova
Senior Financial Planning Analyst
bela.geurkova [at]

Nick Bramos
Planning Analyst
nick.bramos [at]


Nayiri Tokmanciyan
Survey and Knowledge Mobilization Analyst
nayiri.tokmanciyan [at]

Planning Analyst

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