The analyst team transforms operational data into ready-to-use datasets that are used to build data models and visualizations for University planning in areas such as capital and financial resources, human resources, demographics, enrolment, trend analyses, and logistics.

Business Intelligence

We translate business questions into reporting solutions by building clear, interactive, sustainable, and automated reports. Tableau licenses and the McGill Tableau Server are managed by the team's BI analysts.

Organization Table Maintenance

We create and maintain the University's Organization codes and table. Financial Services is then responsible to create or update the Organization codes in Banner. Access the Org Table.

Predictive Modelling

We predict admissions using historical trends and ratios to guide McGill’s administrative and academic leadership in target-setting.

Strategic Enrolment Management

We lead the development of the University’s Strategic Enrolment Management plan, while working to ensure and maintain cross-alignment with other institutional strategic plans and priorities.

Tuition Revenue Projections

We model the impact of enrolment and tuition fees, as well as policy, proposals, and initiatives put forth by senior administration, faculties, le Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES) on University revenue.

Tableau logo containing multi-coloured vectors

The E-Factbook is a self-service tool that provides current and historical statistical information about McGill University.

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