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What we do

The role of the Office of Communications and External Relations is to advance McGill’s interests through stewardship of its relations with government, universities, media and the public.

We provide information about McGill’s faculty, students, programs and positions to a variety of external constituents, including: governments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, local, national and international media, other universities and the public at large.

We also communicate news and information about McGill to faculty, students and staff.

The Office is led by Louis Arseneault, Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations).

Media Relations
Liaison between the University and local, national and international media. Manages the university’s primary social media sites, assists other units with social strategies and maintains guidelines for overall social strategy.

Internal Communications
Relations between McGill's internal community: Ensuring members of the community are well-informed of any major University news, events and announcements.

Communications Services
Communications support to the University, including web and multimedia.

Produce high quality visuals to support McGill's communications efforts.

External Relations
Relations with the Quebec government, the federal government, the City of Montreal and other municipalities, as well as with our counterparts across the higher education network in Quebec and in the rest of Canada.