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Approvers (FFM/PI)


Fund Financial Manager (FFMs) and Principal Investigator (PIs) are, by default, considered Approvers on financial transactions charged to their fund(s)/grant(s).

Roles & Responsibilities:

Approvers are responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions:

  • Meet the objectives of the fund(s) charged.
  • Are legitimate, reasonable and an appropriate use of funds/grants.
  • Adhere to regulations, policies and guidelines.
  • Comply with any restrictions imposed by external funding sources.

For further information on the role of a Fund Financial Manager, please refer to the Fund Financial Manager Policy.

Financial transactions can be approved by the FFM/PI electronically, by wet signature, email or Adobe Fill & Sign.

There are two options in lieu of wet signatures when approving/signing Financial Services’ documents & forms:


  1. Option 1 – Email Approvals & Acknowledgements
    • Email approvals & acknowledgements can be used by Fund Financial Managers/Approvers/Claimants/Requestors.
    • Please note: the email must include the acknowledgement clause found on the document or form (please cut & paste and insert in the email).


  1. Option 2 – Approving/Signing using Adobe Fill & Sign
    • Financial Services’ documents & forms can be signed using the Adobe Fill & Sign feature.
    • Please note: Fund Financial Managers/Approvers/Claimants/Requestors must either forward these Adobe signed documents via their McGill email address or must be copied (using their McGill email address) in the email including these Adobe signed documents.
    • For Adobe Fill & Sign How To’s, please refer to: Fill and sign PDF forms


Financial Transaction Minerva Approval Email/Adobe Fill & Sign/Wet Signature
Purchase Requisitions Yes N/A
Change Orders to Purchase Orders Yes N/A
PCard Transactions Yes N/A
Advances N/A Yes
Expense Reports N/A Yes
Payment Requests N/A Yes
Airfare FOAPAL Form  N/A Yes
Adjustments on Past Payroll Transactions Yes N/A

For Research Grants & Contracts, Principal Investigators are also required to approve the following documents/transactions:

Document/Transaction Minerva Approval Email/Adobe Fill & Sign/Wet Signature
JE16s and Inter-Departmental Charges (IDCs) N/A Yes
uPrint (assigning FOAPALs to users) N/A Yes
Student Stipend Authorizations N/A Yes

For all details, please refer to Retention of Supporting Documentation

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