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PCard Reconcilers


As per the PCard Regulation, to ensure Segregation of Duties, a McGill Employee should be assigned by the Cardholder to ensure a timely review and reconciliation of PCard transactions.

For Research Grants and Contract (2F/2M fund types), an Institutional Representative other than the Principal Investigator/Delegate should review the PCard Transactions. It is recommended that the Financial Services Team Manager (FSTM) be appointed as the Departmental Reconciler.


It is the responsibility of the Cardholder or the Departmental PCard Reconciler to reconcile PCard transactions to the appropriate FOAPAL(s) in MOPS by the deadlines established by the Central PCard Administration Team. If not reconciled, the Transactions will be assigned to the Default FOAPAL (using the predetermined account code 700490) and sent for approval to the FFM/PI/Delegate.

PCard Transactions that are automatically assigned the Default FOAPAL are not acceptable and as such, the Cardholder is deemed non-compliant. Two emails containing warning messages will be sent by PCard Admin to non-compliant Cardholders. The third time the Cardholder is deemed non-compliant, their PCard will automatically be cancelled. The period for determining non-compliance is the fiscal year.

For more information about Reconciling and Approving Transactions in MOPS, please refer to the PCard page.

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