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Faculty Financial Officers (FFOs)

FFO Roles and Responsibilities

The FFOs are responsible for the Faculty’s financial matters and operations. This position works closely with Financial Services on the following matters:

  • Responsible for implementing financial processes & controls to adhere to Financial Services’ Policies & Procedures.
  • Responsible for partnering with Financial Services in the event of non-compliance.
  • Accountable for Fund/Grant management:
    • Monitor funds/grants by ensuring financial transactions are legitimate, reasonable and an appropriate use of the fund/grant and must be in support of the University’s/Granting Agencies policies
    • Ensure no over-expenditure exists
    • Prepare year-end variance analysis for unrestricted funds
  • Oversee the Financial Services Teams
  • Prepare Faculty financial reports & analyses
  • Participate in the Research Financial Management Services Compliance Reviews
  • Act as the Key Financial Contact and/or assign other Key Financial Contacts and uPrint Administrators.

Faculty Financial Officers

As at August 1, 2022

# Faculty Faculty Financial Officer Email Address
1 Faculty of Arts

Nancy Prsa

Nancy.Prsa [at]


Faculty of Science

Julie Theriault (on Leave)

Nancy Secondo

Catherine Essar

Julie.Theriault3 [at]

Nancy.Secondo [at]

Catherine.Essar [at]

3 Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Jackie Krebs

Jackie.Krebs [at]


Faculty of Medicine

Batchimeg Zuend

Batchimeg.Zuend [at]


Faculty of Education

Daniela Frischer

Daniela.Frischer [at]


Schulich School of Music

Henry Tin

Henry.Tin [at]


Faculty of Engineering

Leila Al-Bassit

Leila.Albassit [at]


Faculty of Law

Debbie Carlone

Debbie.Carlone [at]


Desautels Faculty of Management

Nina Cochina

Nina.Cochina [at]


Faculty of Dentistry

Suzana Kafadar de Rodriguez

Suzana.Rodriguez [at]


School of Continuing Studies

Mandana Bassiri

Mandana.Bassiri [at]

12 Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Dean) and Interfaculty Studies Muriel Auberger Muriel.Auberger [at]
FFO Meetings

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Checklist for Transfers and Terminations

PDF iconChecklist [pdf]

To be used whenever a member from your department/faculty has been transferred or terminated - various finance roles/permissions need to be revoked in addition to initiating the usual TNT process.


Resources and Tools for Updating Financial Services Teams (FST) Membership

In order to facilitate your role in managing FST Teams, we have developed Checklists which indicate the steps required to maintain FST Memberships and Electronic Forms to facilitate updates to FST Teams.  All requests for changes to FST membership must be made online using the electronic forms that are available. If you have any questions, please contact Fissecurity.acct [at]

Checklists Electronic Forms to be submitted Paper Form to be submitted

PDF iconChanges to FFO (FST Supervisor) [pdf]


Specimen Signatures of Financial Services teams [pdf]

PDF iconChanges to FST Manager [pdf]

Temporary changes to FST Manager
Permanent FST Manager membership changes

Specimen Signatures of Financial Services teams [pdf]

PDF iconChanges to FST Support Staff [pdf]

FST Support Staff membership changes

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