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Overview of Procure to Pay Methods

The procure to pay methods for goods and services may depend on their type and value. Please refer to the following table to determine which procure to pay method(s) apply to your procurement needs.

Expense Type How to Process Payment Policies/Regulations/How To’s
  • Travel-related expenses
  • Other expenses to be reimbursed
  • Payments to Individuals (effective August 1, 2022)
Minerva - Advances and Expense Reports Menu
  • Purchase of Goods & Services
  • PCard purchases for Goods & Services <$5,000 (Effective February 1st, 2024)
MOPS - Reconciliation and Approving of PCard Transactions
  • When payments are required without any good or service having been purchased and therefore a PO is not possible.
Payment Request Form

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