Financial Services Teams (FSTs)

The mission of the financial services teams (FST) is to provide direct support & guidance to researchers relating to financial administration of research grants and contracts.

The FST is available to :
- act as the researcher's primary contact for all post-award concerns;
- liaise with Financial Services and other units within the University.

The FST will assist with planning and organizing financial activities to support the daily operations of the Principal Investigator (PI), ensuring that financial administration is carried out in accordance with the appropriate regulations & guidelines.

Financial Services Teams (FST) - Resources and Tools

Resources and Tools for Setting Up Financial Services Teams (FST) and assigning FST codes to FFMs

Overview of FST Infrastructure [pdf]

Explanation of how Financial Services Teams jurisdiction and system participation is determined.
How to Query and Maintain FST Jurisdiction [pdf] Step-by-step instructions on using the Minerva menu option to assign an FST code to an FFM and instructions on how to request that an FST code be disabled or overridden for a specific fund.

Below is a listing of Faculty and non-Research Financial Services Teams (FST)

Faculty of Arts

Nancy Prsa, Senior Financial Officer 514) 398-4400 x.094868


Arts Dean’s Office, English, French Language & Literature, French Language Centre, Quebec Studies, FACL, Interdisciplinary Studies, Arts Administrative Services
FST Manager, Malgorzata Skorobohata (514) 398-4400 x. 094965

ART02 East Asian Studies, German Studies, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, Russian, School of Information Studies, research on Children and Families, Mtl. Consortium Human Rights Advocacy, Languages Literature and Cultures
FST Manager, Mari Ikeda (514) 398-4400 x.094845
ART03 Economics, Political Science, LEA 1 ASC
FST Manager, Daniela Caucci (514) 398-4400 x.094619

Anthropology, History & Classical Studies, Jewish Studies, Sociology, Research Ctr on Population Dynamics, LEA 2 ASC
FST Manager, Cynthia Romanyk (514) 398-4400 x.094616


Institute for Gender Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Philosophy, Institute for Islamic Studies, Study of International Development, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, Institute for the Public Life of Arts & Ideas
FST Manager, Alexey Sokolov (514) 398-5753


Art History & Communication Studies, School of Social Work, Religious Studies
FST Manager, Meena Mohan (514) 398-5113

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Louise Côté, Budget Officer (514) 398-8601

MAC01 Agriculture & Environmental Science; Animal Science; Dietetics & Human Nutrition; Plant Science; Institute of Parasitology
FST Manager, Marian Meei-en Wang (514) 398-7704
MAC02 Bioresource Engineering; Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry; Natural Resource Sciences; Dairy Unit Macdonald Farm
FST Manager, Shelley Johnston (514) 398-7645
MAC03 FST Manager, Louise Cote (514) 398-8601

Faculty of Dentistry

Rosemary Cooke, Financial Officer (514) 398-7221

DEN01 FST Manager, Rocchina Testa (514) 398-7203x.00048
DEN02 FST Manager, Nicole Brunelle (514) 398-7203 x.00078

Faculty of Education

 Daniela Frischer - Senior Manager Fin & Res Planning (514) 398-3749

EDU01 All Units
FST Manager, Catherine Essar (514) 398-6253
EDU02 Dean's Office
FST Manager, Rukhsana Diwan (514) 398-7349

Faculty of Engineering

Leila Al-Bassit, Associate Director - Finance (514) 398-8424


Chemical Engineering
FST Manager, Mary Karen Parke (514) 398-8620 [at] (FST Email)


Electrical & Computer Engineering
FST Manager, Ruth Perez (514) 398-4425 [at] (FST Email)

ENG03 Mechanical Engineering
FST Manager, Mary Karen Parke (514) 398-4934 [at] (FST Email)
ENG04 Mining & Material Engineering
FST Manager, Leslie Bernier (514) 398-8329 [at] (FST Email)
ENG05 Architecture, Bioengineering & Urban Planning & Civil Engineering
FST Manager, Joseph Rhonn Jacob (514) 398-7270 [at] (FST Email for Architecture )
| [at] ( ) [at] (FST Email for Bioengineering )| [at] (FST Email for Urban Planning )| [at] ( ) [at] (FST Email for Civil Engineering)
ENG06 Dean's Office
FST Manager, Rhonn Joseph Jacob (514) 398-7270 [at] (FST Email)

Faculty of Law

Debbie Carlone, Manager Faculty Administration (514) 398-6605

LAW01 FST Manager, Pina Ricco (514) 398-4400 x.09842

Desautels Faculty of Management

Nina Dolea, Finance Manager, (514) 398-6811

MAN01 FST Manager, Alexandra Samra (514) 398-3143
MAN02 FST Manager, Venesa Inoperio (514) 398-5201
MAN03 FST Manager, Karim Oueida (514) 398-8918
MAN04 Executive Institute
FST Manager, Patrick Waegeli, (514) 398-3246

Faculty of Medicine

Batchimeg Zuend, Senior Financial Officer (514) 398-5768

Contact list for Administrative Excellence Centres


FST Manager, Batchimeg Zuend (514) 398-5768

MED02 Deanery
FST Manager, Chrysoula Harikidas (514) 398-5498
MED03 Deanery
FST Manager, Angela Santullo (514) 398-4362
MED04 Deanery
FST Manager, Irene O'Connor (514) 398-5049
MED05 Surgery, Anesthesia & Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
FST Manager, Nathalie Girard (514) 934-1934, ext. 67004
MED07 Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Neurology & Neurosurgery
FST Manager, Fatemeh Nazarpour-Khamseh (514) 398-3247
MED09 Biomedical Engineering, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Microbiology & Immunology
FST Manager,  Raluca Feru (514) 398-5826
MED11 Biomedical Ethics, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Social Studies of Medicine, Institute for Health & Social Politics, Aids Center, Global Health
FST Manager,  John Kuchyna (514) 398-2022
MED14 Family Medicine 
FST Manager,  Kennedy Kanyang'onda (514) 399-9143
MED16 Deanery
FST Manager, Umar Khan (514) 398-8324
MED17 Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Physiology
FST Manager, Sahirtha Kanagalingam (514) 398-6354
MED19 Oncology, Radiology, Pathology
FST Manager, Jennifer Gumbley (514) 398-4399
MED21 Goodman Cancer Centre
FST Manager, Christine Halse (514) 398-1408
MED23 Human Genetics, McGill Genome Quebec Innovation Ctr
FST Manager, Vanessa Nguyen (514) 398-4973
MED24 Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
FST Manager, Brenda Ortiz (514) 398-4569
MED26 Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI)
FST Manager, Andrew Marcheschi (514) 398-5864


Department of Medicine, Medicine-Jewish General Hospital, Medicine-Montreal General Hospital, Medicine-Royal Victoria Hospital, Medicine-Experimental Medicine, Ctr For Res. On Endocrine Mechanism, Nutrition & Food Science Centre
FST Manager, Colin D'Souza 514-934-1934 loc.37242



School of Nursing, School of Communication and School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
FST Manager, Daniel Baril (514) 398-6481


Faculty of Music

Henry Tin, Financial Officer (514) 398-8992

MUS01 FST Manager, Elise Quinn (514) 398-5865 [at] (FST Email)
MUS02 Dean's Office
FST Manager, Henry Tin (514) 398-8992 [at] (FST Email)

Faculty of Science

Julie Theriault, Senior Budget Officer, Financial Planning (514) 398-5313

SCI01 Supervisor FST
FST Manager, Nancy Secondo (514) 398-5313 [at] (FST Email)

AOS / Math
FST Manager, Jiyun Cho (514) 398-1981
Fst.aos [at] (FST Email for AOS )| Fst.mathstat [at] (FST Email for Math)

SCI03 Biology / Redpath Museum
FST Manager, Carol Gaug (514) 398-6521
Fst.biology [at] (FST Email for Biology )| Fst.redpathmuseum [at] (FST Email for Redpath Museum)
FST Manager, Sonal Patel (514) 398-4358
Fst.eps [at] (FST Email for EPS )| Fst.geog [at] (FST Email for GEOG)
SCI05 Chemistry
FST Manager, Jennifer Marleau (514) 398-3769
Fst.chemistry [at] (FST Email)
SCI06 Physics
FST Manager, Sonia Vieira (514) 398-6521
Fst.physics [at] (FST Email)
SCI07 Psychology
FST Manager, Juan Li (514) 398-1883
Fst.psychology [at] (FST Email)
SCI08 School of Computer Science
FST Manager, Filomena Fata (514) 398-6221
Fst.computerscience [at] (FST Email)
SCI09 Science
FST Manager, Grace (Ming) Han (514) 398-6220

FST Manager, Vasiliki Tsagarelis, (514) 398-6551

School of Continuing Studies

Sinikhiwe Maphosa, Director, Finance and Administration (514) 398-8829

SCS01 FST Manager, Nirvein Saeed (514) 398-3979

University Advancement (Non-Research FST)

Matthew Lagacé - Financial Officer (514) 398-7161

DAR01 FST Manager, Matthew Lagacé (514) 398-7161
DAR02 FST Manager, Diane Tessier (514) 398-8979

Information Technology Services (Non-Research FST)

Elliott Stekewich, Manager - Finance and IT Contracts (514) 398-2925

FST Manager, Steven Vieira (514) 398-2694
FST Manager, Anna Mancini (514) 398-2701
FST Manager, Steven Vieira (514) 398-2694

VP Research & Innovation (Non-Research FST)

Brett Hooton, Director Vice-Principal - Research and Innovation (514) 398-8585

VPR01 FST Manager, Tina Venetis (514) 398-2110
VPR02 FST Manager, Rania Atsaidis (514) 398-2445