International Students


If you are a student and need wellness support, please contact safe. It is available 24/7/365 in over 60 languages. It gives you free, immediate and ongoing access to licensed counsellors through telephone, mobile chat, and videoconferencing—even for those currently outside of Quebec.

With the range of international clubs and services at McGill and Montreal's own diverse population, international students can rest assured that they will be welcomed and embraced by the city's charm and the university's worldwide presence

International student services

Over 12,000 international students from over 150 countries attend McGill. To learn more about the services available to international students, visit International Student Services for detailed information on student visas, immigration policies and attending McGill with a family.

Useful websites

The following is a list of useful sites for international students studying in Canada:

Learn French

Whether you want to start from scratch with your verb conjugations, brush up on your conversation skills or immerse yourself in an intensive five-level program, McGill has various French-language instruction options to suit the needs of current and prospective students:

French Language Centre

The French as a Second Language (FRSL) offerings include a variety of credit courses given throughout the year to students in any academic program.  A placement test and departmental permission are required as well as mandatory class attendance throughout first two weeks in order to remain in the class.

School of Continuing Studies

The Intensive French Program - language and culture - is a five-level program with a primary aim of easing students into a French-language socio-cultural setting. The Part-Time French Program is oriented toward professional needs, however, it is open to students as well.

The PEQ is an accelerated program which allows individuals to obtain a Certificat de sélection du Québec with a view to gaining permanent residence. This program is intended for Québec graduates or future graduates and temporary foreign workers who hold a skilled job and who meet certain conditions, such as demonstrating advanced intermediate knowledge of spoken French.

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