Desautels Graduate Student Society

Desautels Graduate Student Society (DGSS)

The Desautels Graduate Student Society (DGSS) is a student-run association serving the interests of Masters Students of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

McGill's graduate students maintain an active and enriching series of extracurricular activities. Beyond the classroom experience you will have an incomparable opportunity to meet new people, develop your talents, and learn new skills.

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Our mission is to independently represent the members in its interactions with the faculty and administration in response to policies, issues, and concerns of importance to the Society’s members, including, but not limited to academic issues, administrative policies, and career planning opportunities.

Executive Team

We work to ensure that students get the most of their McGill experience and help the Masters students at the Desautels Faculty of Management achieve more as a group than we would each individually.

Julien Ares President - Julien Ares

Julien is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. He graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal with a B.Eng and M.Eng in Software and Computer Engineering. Prior to joining the MBA, he was working as a Technical Lead in software development.

As DGSS president, he aims to advocate for students’ needs, to build Desautels’ community, and to bolster its presence on the national stage.

Contact: president [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Priya AroraVP Finance - Priya Arora

Priya is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Financial and Investment Analysis from the University of Delhi, India. Before joining the MBA, she worked in private equity and deal advisory collaborating with clients across EMEA.

In her role as VP of Finance, Priya is dedicated to enhancing the transparency and efficiency of financial processes within DGSS. Her objective is to continually optimize these processes, ultimately improving the overall experience for every member of the DGSS community.

Contact: vpfinance [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Aman Mehta VP Internal - Aman Mehta

Aman is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. He has graduated from Computer Engineering in Mumbai, India. He has 4+ years of experience in technology sales, client engagement, product and project management

As VP Internal, he aims to provide enough opportunities across the diverse Desuatels student body to harbor friendships, collaborate, and integrate into the McGill ecosystem.

Contact: vpinternal [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Kai Zhao VP External - Kai Zhao

Kai is an MBA candidate leveraging the Desautels platform to pivot for a new career path after 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He spent 4 years as an Officer Cadet at the Royal Military College of Canada where he obtained a BA in Economics and 8 years as a Logistics officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

As VP External, Kai aims to foster an environment of inclusivity and connectivity between Desautels graduate students and entities outside the Desautels Faculty. This includes networking with students from peer universities as well as alumni and external organizations for mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

Kai speaks English, French and Mandarin and is a dog dad who also enjoys riding and working on his motorcycle, as well as playing squash in his spare time.

Contact: vpexternal [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Tanmay Mody VP Student Groups and International – Tanmay Mody

Tanmay is an MBA candidate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a Minor in Business Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before joining McGill, he worked as a software developer in the United States while also owning and managing a business in India.

In his role as the VP of Student Groups, Tanmay aims to create an environment where student clubs flourish. He is committed to adapting to the evolving needs of diverse student bodies and contributing significantly to the graduate student experience. His goal is to foster collaboration among clubs and create more value for the students.

Tanmay has a passion for sports and board games, particularly tennis and Settlers of Catan. He also enjoys cooking.

Contact: vpclubs [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Sanchit Trehan VP Case Competitions - Sanchit Trehan

Sanchit is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. He graduated with a bachelor's in Economics from Delhi University, India. Prior to joining the MBA, he worked as a risk consultant, evaluating, assessing, and optimizing business processes for technology clients around the globe.

As VP Case Competitions, Sanchit aims to increase Desautels communities’ interest in business cases, engage more participation of North American universities in McGill's competitions, and collaborate with student clubs to increase awareness regarding case simulations, and case solving skills.

Sanchit likes to explore cafes in and around Montreal, dance, and play racquet sports in his free time.

Contact: mcca [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Shree Krupa Krishna Prasad VP Communications – Shree Krupa Krishna Prasad

Shree is an MBA candidate. She has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University. Shree is a seasoned Product Marketing Manager and has worked at various innovative SAAS startups in Bengaluru, India.

As the VP of Communications, she wants to ensure that every Desautels member is well-informed and has convenient and transparent access to the information required.In her free time, Shree likes to explore new places, practice yoga, watch horror movies, or cook new vegetarian dishes.

Contact: vpcommunications [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Arnav GuptaMMA Representative - Arnav Gupta

Arnav Gupta is currently a Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) candidate, with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Conc.) from McGill's Faculty of Engineering. His professional background spans impactful positions in companies such as TAIGA Motors, ANSYS, and Bombardier.

As one of the MMA representatives, Arnav is committed to enhancing the graduate student experience within the MMA program. He aims to foster a vibrant, collaborative environment that not only benefits his peers but also extends the reputation of Desautels' MMA program across the global community.

Beyond the classroom he likes to play badminton, guitar and watch F1.

Contact: arnav.gupta [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Jared Arvind BalakrishnanMMA Representative - Jared Arvind Balakrishnan

Jared is currently an MMA Candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Economics from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to joining McGill, he worked on data product teams in startups of varying scales as well as in proprietary trading and big tech around Philadelphia and New York. Most recently, he was an analyst on the product team at Amazon in Chicago, Illinois.

As one of the representatives of the MMA Program, Jared hopes to deliver the best graduate student experience for his fellow peers in the MMA program, whilst hoping to expand the technological footprint of Desautels in the North American technology scene.

Outside of the classroom, he loves lurking on tech twitter, making cocktails and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Contactvishak.balakrishnan [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Hari GopalanMMA Online Representative - Hari Gopalan

Hari is currently a Masters of Management in Analytics (MMA) candidate with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, and a Graduate Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. He gained experience across all Radiology imaging modalities in the Philippines, and specialized in Ultrasound upon arriving to Canada. He currently works for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) as a Quality Improvement Advisor and holds a LEAN Blackbelt.
As the MMA Online representative, Hari hopes to establish the presence of the first online cohort to ensure that the opportunities the in-person MMA program offers, translates well to the online counterpart.

When Hari is not studying you will find him in a Judo/BJJ dojo getting thrown like a sack of potatoes, occasionally landing a successful throw himself. He is also a professional wedding and family photographer, so if you see him at a wedding – please say hi.

Contact: hari.gopalan [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Claudia Schneidman MMF Representative - Claudia Schneidman

Claudia Schneidman is a student in the Master of Management in Finance program. Elected as a class representative, Claudia showcases both academic excellence and leadership skills within her cohort. Her unique background as a corporate lawyer adds a valuable perspective to the realm of finance.

Contactclaudia.schneidman [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Matthew FlanneryMMF Representative - Matthew Flannery

Matthew is an MMF candidate and a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s BSc. in Psychology program. He has worked across several federal government departments and most recently as a disability case manager at Sun Life.

As an MMF representative, he aims to support the DGSS organize activities that embody his cohort’s priorities and that reflect equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Contactmatthew.flannery [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Alina Ali RawjiMMR Representative - Alina Ali Rawji

Alina is pursuing a Master of Management in Retailing. She has a bachelor's from Parsons School of Design, The New School, concentrating in Strategic Design and Management with minors in Fashion Communication and Global Studies. She is originally Indian, from Belgium and grew up in Congo. Prior to joining McGill, she worked in New York in branding and marketing.

As the class representative for MMR, she aims to advocate for her peers needs academically, professionally, and socially, and to help bring together the MMR cohort to create lasting friendships.

Alina likes to spend her free time traveling, making art, and dancing.

Contactalina.alirawji [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

Sameer KamalMBA Representative - Sameer Kamal

Sameer is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. Born in Pakistan, Sameer moved to Canada to complete his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Toronto. Prior to the MBA, he worked at one of Canada’s largest banks for five years with roles in retail lending operations, credit adjudication and product management.

Sameer likes to spend his free time playing video games, supporting his favorite soccer team and perfecting his steak or pasta recipes.

Contactsameer.kamal [at] (subject: DGSS%20Inquiry)

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