Graduate Clubs and Activities

McGill Case Competition Association

McGill Case Competition Association

Working with universities around the world, building and hosting world class case competitions, and encouraging graduate students to enroll and participate.

McGill Business Consulting Group (MBCG)

McGill Business Consulting Group

MBCG partners in the success of the Montreal business community and helps firms of all sizes achieve their goals.

Clubs and activities

McGill's graduate students maintain an active and enriching series of extracurricular activities. Beyond the classroom experience you will have an incomparable opportunity to meet new people, develop your talents, and learn new skills.

You can gain important hands-on experience through our student-run professional consulting groups, or by helping coordinate conferences organized by McGill graduate students.

Whether it’s intramural teams or a sporting activity with varsity players, the McGill graduate student sports teams provide ideal opportunities to get involved, regardless of experience level.

For information on any of these clubs, please contact:
Desautels Graduate Student Society

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Desautels Graduate Health and Wellness Committee

The Desautels Graduate Health and Wellness Committee is a student run committee with a mission to destigmatize the conversation on mental health and promote physical and mental wellbeing. It aims to provide a platform to discuss health and wellness of the student body at Desautels and host events to equip students with skills to lead healthy lives at Desautels and beyond.

This committee is on hiatus for the current academic year. If you have any initiatives that you feel would contribute to its mission, reach out to the DGSS team.
Contact: info [at]


Desautels Graduate Business Technology Club (DBTC)

The Desautels Graduate Business Technology Club is a vibrant student community with the mission of sharing our passion for technology by educating students about the latest technology trends and skills, connecting students with alumni and facilitating recruiting opportunities with hiring managers. We strive to achieve our goals through speaker events, career treks, workshops and networking sessions. We seek to attract students with a wide array of interests as there is a variety of career options for those with non-technical backgrounds in business and technology.

Aniket DePresident: Aniket De
Aniket is an MBA candidate specializing in Global Strategy & Leadership. He graduated from VIT University, Vellore with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. He has an experience of 5 years and prior to joining the MBA, he worked as a Data Scientist. As DBTC president, Aniket aims to increase Desautels community’s interest in tech, and collaborate with other student clubs to increase awareness regarding scope of and opportunities in tech. Aniket loves exploring new restaurants. He can also speak 6 languages and is working on improving his repertoire. An avid gamer, he also loves playing badminton.
Contact: dbtc [at]

Desautels Graduate Consulting Club (DGCC)

Founded in 1999, the DGCC is a student-run organization dedicated to helping McGill Management community understand consulting, prepare for a successful career, and connect with professionals.

Kheireddine ChehabeddinePresident: Kheireddine Chehabeddine
As an accomplished MBA candidate boasting a rich international background, KC is resolutely dedicated to effecting substantial change within the realm of management consulting. With a robust four-year tenure in management consulting, KC excels in developing impactful solutions, rooted in a steadfast foundation of strategic acumen and organizational proficiency. In his role as the President of the Desautels Graduate Consulting Club (DGCC), KC is fervently committed to broadening members' professional networks, elevating their participation through dynamic events, and furnishing them with invaluable resources for professional advancement. Poised to lead, collaborate, and cultivate a dynamic consulting community, KC eagerly endeavors to contribute to the thriving academic environment at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management.
Contact: dgcc [at]

Desautels Graduate Finance Club (DGFC)

The Desautels Graduate Finance Club aspires to educate its members in the various aspects of the finance field whilst supporting their career preparation and increasing their marketability to employers. We aim to accomplish this by establishing an interactive and social environment, in which members are provided the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance their network of industry contacts. 

Dylan FofanaPresident: Dylan Fofana
Dylan is a Master of Management in Finance candidate with a deep-seated passion for Capital Markets. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, his academic journey is complemented by practical experience gained through internships in Investment and Portfolio Analysis. Currently presiding over the Desautels Graduate Finance Club, Dylan is dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning and networking environment for aspiring finance professionals.
Contact: dgfc [at]
Learn more about DGFC

Desautels Graduate Marketing Club (DGMC)

Our mission is to make the club the most valuable platform for students and alumni interested in making a career in the marketing industry. We aim to provide students with resources to gain the marketing know-how and continuous practical engagements to hone their skills. We create opportunities to spark conversations with current students, alumni and faculty to gain clarity on the world of marketing be it current trends, various marketing roles or simply networking. And finally, we aim to foster a community feeling between all our members always providing support, guidance and direction.

Aditya MehtaPresident: Aditya Mehta
Aditya is an MBA candidate with a focus on Business Strategy and Marketing. He graduated from PEC – Punjab Engineering College with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in the consumer products industry, in diverse roles spanning from operations to supply chain. He played a crucial role in brand launches and product renovations. As the President of the Marketing Club, Aditya wants to make sure that the Desautels community gains hands-on experience in Marketing roles, builds connections with industry leaders, and develops the technical skills essential for success in this domain. Aditya is a skilled hip-hop dancer, always ready to showcase his moves.
Contact: dgmc [at]

Desautels Graduate Entrepreneurship Club (DGEC)

Building a strong network is crucial in entrepreneurship. The club helps connect members with alumni, local entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. Through workshops, seminars, and guest lectures featuring successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, DGEC aims to educate about various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business planning, fundraising, marketing strategies, and legal considerations. Its mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs through education, experience, and networking opportunities.

Jess MessiasPresident: Jess Messias
Jess is an MBA candidate with a bachelor’s degree in anatomy from McGill University and master’s degree in physiotherapy from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Before starting his MBA, Jess worked as a physiotherapist and the director of a luxury fitness and physical therapy facility in Montreal. In his role as the president of the Entrepreneurship Club, Jess aims to engage the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset within the students of the Desautels graduate programs by leveraging his decade-long experience as a healthcare entrepreneur.
Contact: dgec [at]

Desautels Graduate Women’s Association (DGWA)

The DGWA's mission is to maximize the professional development of female students and alumni of the McGill graduate programs through strategic engagement with the McGill community and broader Montreal networks. We enable networking opportunities, celebrate successful women in business and facilitate interactions with influential people.

Juliana PittaPresident: Juliana Pitta
Juliana is working towards her MBA with a focus on finance and is seeking to develop her skills in the real estate sector. Prior to starting her MBA, she spent five years as a project and asset manager for real estate funds in Paris, France. Working in a predominantly male-dominated field has ignited Juliana's passion for gender equality. She is dedicated to paving the way for future generations of women in business and raising awareness of gender inequality. Juliana loves to travel and is a big fan of trying new foods. She has lived on three different continents and is always excited to try a new restaurant!
Contactdgwa [at]

Net Impact - McGill Chapter

Net Impact is a network of more than 11,000 new-generation leaders committed to using the power of business to improve the world. It is also one of the most innovative and influential networks of graduate students and young professionals in existence today. Net Impact McGill Chapter offers an opportunity for members to broaden their business education and exposure to socially responsible organizations, refine their leadership skills through participation in socially responsible activities that give back to the community, and, of course, build their network.

Nirupama IyerPresident: Nirupama Iyer
Nirupama is an MBA student with a background in civil engineering. She has 6 years of experience in project management in the real estate industry where she worked with a key focus on sustainability. As the president of Net Impact chapter, she wants to create awareness within the cohort about various opportunities in sustainability and raise awareness about critical topics such as climate change or corporate ethics. She is passionate about sports, especially racquet sports, music, and organizing/cleaning.
Contact: netimpact [at]


Desautels Graduate LGBTQ+ Association (DGLA)

The Desautels Graduate LGBTQ+ Association is an organization open to all students with an interest in creating more inclusive experiences in the Desautels community and in their future professional settings. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the issues members of the LGBTQ+ community face and how allies can help create an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Through events, speakers, and participation in external activities, we work to build relationships and collaborations with other student associations at McGill University, corporate allies and wider LGBTQ+ community in Montreal.

Jill MiaoPresident: Jill Miao
Jill is currently engaged in the pursuit of an MBA at Desautels, focusing on global strategy and leadership, and holds a bachelor's degree in Pharmacology. Before embarking on the MBA journey, Jill amassed three years of valuable experience as a consultant in the Healthcare Industry. Through this leadership position, Jill strives to contribute to the creation of an environment at Desautels that embraces diversity and ensures the well-being of every student. Taking on the role of president within the LGBTQ+ association at Desautels, Jill is resolute in the endeavor to cultivate a more inclusive and supportive community for all students.
Contact: dgla [at]

One World One Culture Committee

Our committee is dedicated towards embracing and celebrating cultures from across the globe through cross-cultural activities. Get a chance to share experiences with alumni, students and faculty regarding cultural differences, adapting mechanism and do’s & don’ts to excel in the new environment.

This committee is on hiatus for the current academic year. If you have any initiatives that you feel would contribute to its mission, reach out to the DGSS team.
Contact: info [at]


Desautels Lifestyle Committee

Our lifestyle committee at Desautels is an inclusive organization dedicated to promoting a healthy, active, and socially engaging lifestyle among its graduate student community. Its mission is to encourage physical activity, foster team spirit, and build interpersonal relationships through various sports and recreational activities. The committee serves as a vital platform for graduate students to engage in physical activities, enjoy their favorite sports, and connect with others in a supportive and fun environment.

Om Sanjay SangwanPresident: Om Sangwan
Om is an MMA candidate at Desautels, specializing in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, with a foundation in Business Economics from Delhi University. His professional background as a BI Engineer has equipped him with a keen insight into optimizing business processes for a global clientele. As the newly appointed President of the Lifestyle Club, Om plans to cultivate a vibrant culture of sports and well-being within the Desautels community. He is set to encourage greater involvement in athletic activities, foster partnerships with other student organizations to promote health and fitness education, and drive up participation in sports events.
Contact: lifestyle [at]


McGill in the Community

As a McGill student, you can change the world or one part of it. There are numerous ways to get involved in improving our local and global communities. McGill students are actively involved in existing charitable causes that help children, adults and the environment here in Montreal and all around the world.

If you are a student and need wellness support, please contact safe. It is available 24/7/365 in over 60 languages. It gives you free, immediate and ongoing access to licensed counsellors through telephone, mobile chat, and videoconferencing—even for those currently outside of Quebec.

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