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  • Making Waves, building skills

    Making Waves, building skills

    McGill students volunteer their time teaching special needs children how to swim. (Michael Garfinkle)

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  • Dental care for all

    Dental care for all

    McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry, in collaboration with community organizations, offers free dental services to the disadvantaged.

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  • Concrete to cornucopia

    The Edible Campus project has turned a neglected terrace into an urban garden whose harvests feed those in need.

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McGill med students power the not-for-profit Vitamin Sport, which provides fun, safe and accessible sports and nutrition programs to elementary students.
Family medicine: Meeting Quebecers’ growing needs.
Working with high schools across Quebec to reward the efforts of our most promising young science and math enthusiasts.


For sale: A home to grow in
The Grow Home uses innovative architectural design and costs only $100,000 to build, putting home ownership in reach for thousands across Canada.
Seeking justice for all
Some legal interns do more than get coffee. A McGill internship program sees Law students fighting for social justice in cities and remote regions of the country.
Nutritional supplement boosts productivity—for plants
A new green compound lets farmers boost their crop yields for pennies per acre.


Can $50 change a life?
Innovative microcredit is helping Ghanaian women earn the money they need to feed their children and gain independence in the bargain.
Fuelling food security
In Benin, a new stove for parboiling rice, co-designed by McGill Bioresource Engineering students, means more financial independence for women.
Peace through empowerment
Throughout Jordan, Palestine and Israel, McGill alumni are helping people overcome challenges and build cross-cultural bridges.