The IMHL is designed for experienced healthcare professionals. The program is delivered in 11-day modules over 13 months, followed by a final paper. Class 12 begins in September 2024.

Fees for the Program

Please note that the GCHM and IMHL programs are not affected by the recent announcements from the Quebec government regarding tuition increases.

We expect fees for the International Masters for Health Leadership to be approximately CAN$58,000, this amount includes university ancillary charges which are not known precisely at the start of the program). Billing is payable in 4 per-credit based installments over the duration of the program.

These fees cover instruction during the five modules, required books and other pedagogical materials including self-learning materials, and advising. 

  • A non-refundable deposit of CAN$5,000 is required upon receipt of the notification of acceptance letter, in order to reserve a place in the program.
  • The non-refundable deposit will be applied in its entirety to the first semester of registration. One month prior to a term beginning, participants will receive an email to pay their bill.
  • The e-bill will be based on the registration for the term and can vary depending on the number of credits assigned to that term.

Modules 4 and 5: In Person

Module 4: United Kingdom
Module 5: Montreal, Quebec, Canada 


All travel for modules 4 and 5 is to be arranged and paid by students.

Living Expenses 

Expenses can vary depending on the type of lodging chosen.

This covers hotel, meals, local transport, telephone calls, and is paid by students or their sponsors. Many students team up to share accommodations.

*Please note that this curriculum is not eligible for financial support programs offered by the Quebec government’s Aide financière aux études, but may be eligible for private loans depending on your residency status. 

Scholarships and Loans

The IMHL is a private, self-funded program and there are very limited scholarships available at this time. We encourage applicants to explore the possibility of shared financial support with their employers, to form a partnership in order to further develop their education and healthcare management skills.

Please note that the IMHL program is not eligible for financial support programs offered by the Quebec government’s Aide financière aux études (AFE) at this time. More information on the AFE eligibility and other government funding for private programs is available through the McGill Scholarship and Student Aid Office. Applicants must verify any loan eligibility before the start of the program.

The IMHL program is NOT eligible for the McCall MacBain Scholarship program.

International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) logo

The IMHL has an alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders.



McGill University is on land which long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. We acknowledge and thank the diverse Indigenous people whose footsteps have marked this territory on which peoples of the world now gather.

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