IMHL Class of 2023 (Class 10)

Graduates have life-long access to the IMHL program and may act as advisors and mentors for new students

Alumni Testimonials

Meet our IMHL graduates and learn what they have to say about the program.

Joanne Liu

Dr. Joanne Liu (IMHL'2014)
Former International President of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
Professor, McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health (SPGH)
Canadian pediatric emergency room physician

“Universities play a critical role in strengthening preparedness and response. McGill not only has a tremendous track record, it has boundless potential. McGill played an important part in my own professional development.”

In 2015, Dr. Lui was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time, for her significant role in the Ebola crisis. A month after completing the five modules of the IMHL program, Dr. Lui was elected International President of Doctors Without Borders.

Mohammed Mohammedi

Mohammed Mohammedi (IMHL'19)
Chief Emergency and Chief Field operations for the Ethiopia Unicef Team

"The IMHL program has equipped me with a transformative set of skills and perspectives, which I have successfully applied in my professional endeavours. The knowledge gained and the connections formed within the program have not only enhanced my ability to navigate complex health management challenges but have also had a positive impact on my community as I contribute to improved healthcare outcomes."

Satabdee Borah

Satabdee Borah (IMHL’15)
CEO, GNRC Sixmile Hospital, India

“IMHL has been a life changing experience for me at a time when our organisation was going through a tremendous change both in terms of size as well as culture. It helped me grow as a professional by taking into account the global scenario of healthcare & how we could impact it by our all-inclusive affordable healthcare model which we had started in the Northeast India. Most importantly having Prof. Leslie as my advisor for my final paper helped me prepare a very useful tool to analyse the financial sustainability of our new healthcare model. All in all IMHL helped me shoulder the new responsibilities which I undertook in my organisation right after the program.”

François de Champlain

Dr. François de Champlain (IMHL'2021)
Emergency Physician, McGill University Health Centre;
Founding President, Jacques de Champlain Foundation; 

“When I decided to enrol into the IMHL program, my purpose was to learn from excellent Faculty but also from other students around the world to challenge my views and concepts in healthcare and management. In the end, I got much more than that, and the program allowed me to reflect and evolve as a leader and as an advocate, which I believe has played a role in the success of our non-profit organization dedicated to improving survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Quebec. I couldn't be more appreciative for the lessons learned during this Masters program, which continues to serve me daily.”

In 2023, the Quebec government announced that it would provide the Jacques de Champlain Foundation with funding to install 900 defibrillators throughout Quebec and to improve and maintain the Quebec AED registry.

Isabelle Samson

Dr. Isabelle Samson (IMHL'18)
Directrice des services professionnels, CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, Quebec City, Canada

"As a physician, I chose IMHL to learn about best healthcare management practices around the world. The program met my expectations, but my most precious learning was not about systems or specific management skills. I learned to become a better person by humbly listening, questioning, sharing, understanding, creating and changing within a community. Management is about humans and the connections you build with them. This program changed my life and I still use IMHL learnings everyday!”

Joshua Greggain

Dr. Joshua Greggain (IMHL'2023)
Director of the Family Practice Residency Program, University of British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine; Former President of Doctors of BC (British Columbia), Canada

“Through the IMHL program, and the pedagogy of 5 mindsets, it will not only open up your perspectives on leadership and health care, but about our heatlh ecosystem. It will open up the realities of our actual ecosystem, and how we individually and collectively can impact ourselves, our circle of influence, the systems for which you function. The program and more importantly the people in the program, inspire you to make those changes, in your profession, in your leadership, and your life.”

“As a mid-career doctor and leader in the NHS, I was looking for a Masters that balanced theory with practice and that would broaden my horizons by working with experienced international colleagues. What I got was much more than that: an inspirational time of learning, development, friendship, challenge and enjoyment. During my time in the course I moved from NHS England to The King’s Fund and not a day goes by without my IMHL experience having an impact for me and the populations I serve.”

Dr. Andrew Brooks (IMHL'23)
GP partner and Senior Visiting Fellow at The King’s Fund, UK

"The IMHL does much more than teach students a managerial skill-set. It allows us to dive into the complexity of human relationships, whether by providing us very rich and thoughtful content, or by leading exceptional and innovative class workshops. I entered the IMHL as a clinician, and after the second Module was offered my first management position as Project Manager at Westmount Square Health Group (Montreal, Canada).”

Myriam Fournier-Tombs (IMHL'17)
Project Manager, Westmount Square Health Group, Canada

“I have been in a management role for some time, as have many doctors, but the opportunity to have training and experience that is relevant to that is very slim.  In this program what you have is the chance to learn some skills that can take your management or leadership to the next level.”

Dr. Danny Sullivan
Consultant, Forensic and Adult Psychiatrist, Australia

“The program was transformative for me, my thinking, how I view, interact and process the world around me. Reflecting on the events of the past three years makes me consider myself incredibly lucky to be an alumnus of the program. I am convinced that my experience aligns with experiences of those who have gone through the program and I would encourage all prospective leaders in health to go for it.”

Mr. James Ndithia (IMHL'18)
Drought Response Coordinator in Baidoa and WHO Country Representative, Somalia

"I dare say now that I've found in IMHL what I was looking for: being able to put in place the ideas I had only dreamed of.”

Dr. John Strul
Psychiatrist and medical director, Vivalia - cup "LA CLAIRIÈRE" - Bertrix, Belgium

"The lessons learned produced a fundamental change in my view which is deeply beneficial and which will endure.”

Kathleen Ruddy
President, Breast Health and Healing Foundation, Medical Director (Breast Service), Clara Maas Meidcal Center, USA

"This program gave me the confidence to take charge of my career and take some chances. And it really allowed me to say go for the executive job you are looking for. You have the skill set that surpasses a Harvard business school graduate… truly."

Allan Ptack (IMHL’15)
Chief Operating Officer, Agence Ometz, Canada

“Not a day goes by that I don't derive great value from my IMHL experience.”

Jim Huntzicker (IMHL'08)
Professor, Division of Management, Oregon Health and Science University, USA

“I think the most striking thing about the IMHL group is that it brings together lots of diversity of opinions, age, cultural backgrounds. You know you have got the really experienced people and not so experienced people. You got people from other countries, you got people from developing countries and people from very advanced countries. And so I think that all of that really just gives you perspectives that you don’t get it in your working environment, when you are in the same place working with the same group people. I think it has been really valuable learning from the experienced folks and also from the folks who see things by the fresh eyes and aren’t constrained by whatever the experience has been in their lives so far.”

Susan Devore (IMHL’10)
CEO Premier Healthcare Alliance, USA

“As a senior executive in the North American private and public health sectors, the IMHL’s managerial mindsets provided me with an effective framework for my work and supports the coaching and mentoring I undertake on behalf of emerging health leaders.  The discipline of self and group reflection has been integrated into my work and life - it’s an invaluable practice.  Finally, I’ve made lasting professional connections and friendships with health leaders from across the globe who participated in my IMHL cohort or are part of the broader IMHL alumni and faculty.  Despite having years of senior level management experience when I enrolled at McGill, the IMHL program provided new and valuable insights to sustain my career and take it in new directions!”

Wendy Nelson (IMHL'14)
Founder and Project Lead, Vernissage Health, Canada

Meet our alumni

Conrad Sauvé, IMHL'14

Conrad Sauvé, IMHL'14, has been the President and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross since 2008. Under his leadership, the Canadian Red Cross has strengthened its capacity in emergency management and health programming and made significant contributions in the wake of multiple large-scale domestic and international emergencies. Read more

Dr. Peter Goldberg, IMHL’11

Dr. Peter Goldberg, IMHL’11, was a critical care physician, a leader in his single institution at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC). Soon after completing the IMHL, Dr. Goldberg was appointed Director of Critical Care for the entire and newly integrated MUHC. 

Dr. Lynn Mikula, IMHL’21

Dr. Lynn Mikula is the President and CEO for the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. 

Drs. Padma Venkatasubramanian (India), IMHL '14, Caroline Kisia (Kenya), IMHL’14 & Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid, IMHL '14

Drs. Padma Venkatasubramanian (India), IMHL '14 and Caroline Kisia (Kenya), IMHL’14, assisted by Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid, IMHL '14 won the $100,000 Grand Challenges Canada grant to field test a device invented by Dr. Padma, that could purify water for drinking.  After extensive field testing and design refinements, the Tamras device is ready for prime time. Padma and Caroline met during the IMHL! Read more

Dr. Hamidah Meghani, IMHL’15

Dr. Hamidah Meghani, IMHL’15, a public health physician from Ontario, Canada, was promoted to Commissioner and Medical Officer of Health in Halton Region while she was pursuing her Masters degree in the IMHL. In 2020/2021, she is leading the COVID-19 pandemic response and vaccine roll-out for a population of over 600,000.

Dr. Hussain AlHussain, IMHL’13

Dr. Hussain AlHussain, IMHL’13 returned to Saudi Arabia following the IMHL to take up his position as Director of Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration, in addition to his specialty practice, at King Fahad Medical City.


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