Affordable water purification arrives in India

Published: 26 April 2017

There are many parts of India where access to clean drinking water is a constant stressor. Now, a product invented by Desautels alumna Dr. Padma Venkat (IMHL’14) and funded in part by a $100,000 Grand Challenges Canada grant promises to alleviate the pressure on regions with little access to clean drinking water. After extensive field testing and design refinements, the Tamras device is ready for prime time.

The copper coil-based device kills diarrhea-causing pathogens without running water, filters or electricity. Storing 15-litres of water in the container for 10 hours is all it takes to purify the water for consumption. Tamras will be distributed initially in India through a social-enterprise model that allows for local entrepreneurs to become integral health influencers in their communities. Once the initial distribution model proves successful, it can easily be copied in other countries facing similar problems.


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