Kanuk jackets are made for Quebec winters—but Quebec winters aren’t as cold as they used to be. Bertrand Cesvet (BA’86, MBA’88) wants to make Kanuk jackets more versatile. Cesvet led a group of investors who recently bought the Montreal winter wear company from Champlain Financial, a private equity group. Cesvet shares with La Presse the company’s plans to sell jackets that are more suited to temperature fluctuation, making its products more appropriate for markets where it plans to expand, such as the United States.

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Published on: 21 May 2024

Dozens of business leaders recently signed an open letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland arguing that pension funds should invest more in Canadian businesses. But their argument doesn’t line up with the facts, writes Prof. Sebastien Betermier in an op-ed in The Globe and Mail. Academic research has shown Canadian pension funds allocate a large portion of their portfolio to domestic assets.

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Published on: 22 Mar 2024

Art occupies an important place in the life of the former international president of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Joanne Liu (MDCM'91, IMHL'14, DSc'16). “Sometimes, when I see very difficult things on the ground, I need to see beauty to believe in mankind.” The pediatric emergency doctor and professor at McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health suggested a show that addresses the Covid-19 pandemic, so people don’t forget the lessons learned and are better equipped to respond to a crisis in the future.

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Published on: 12 Jan 2024

Congratulations to Michael Richardson (GCPA'18, 2018 CFE Honour Roll and Gold Medal in Quebec) on receiving the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA)Teaching Award for Guest Lecturers for the second time!

This award recognizes excellence in teaching by guest GCPA lecturers. Excellent teaching can be demonstrated through a well-designed course, engaging in-class activities and materials, use of innovative teaching strategies, and a commitment to improving one's courses through feedback.

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Published on: 8 Dec 2023

Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA) Tian Cheng Huang (BCom’22, GCPA‘23) and Kyra Swift (BCom UOttawa’21, GCPA’23) have been named to the Honour Roll of the Common Final Exam (CFE) for their outstanding results.

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Published on: 8 Dec 2023

Each year, about 10,000 people in Quebec suffer a cardiac arrest, and receiving resuscitation care in the first minutes is critical to survival. For every minute that passes without treatment, survival rates decrease by 7-10%. Dr.

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Published on: 27 Oct 2023

Last month, over 70 McGill students from different academic disciplines took part in a tour of Airbus Canada’s headquarters in Mirabel, Airbus’ most important headquarters outside of Europe. Students had the unique opportunity to hear from Airbus Canada CEO Benoît Schultz and nearly 20 other company officials, including McGill alumni. Organized by McGill Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore, the idea took flight following Schultz’s Desautels CEO Speaker Series visit in 2022.

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Published on: 13 Oct 2023

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of William “Bill” Webb (MBA’93), a valued member of the Desautels International Advisory and Advancement Board. His deep ties to McGill University and dedicated involvement in the Canadian rugby community have left an indelible mark.

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Published on: 31 Aug 2023

Sustainability can create value for a business and make it more resilient. More and more, shareholders are demanding that businesses be more sustainable, and sustainability consultants help them to it. Thibaut Millet (MBA’00) is one of them. He has a deep history in the field, and has been helping clients develop sustainability programs for more than fifteen years. A partner at EY and the longtime leader of its Climate Change and Sustainability Practice, Millet was named one of the Top 25 Sustainability Consultants for 2023 by The Consulting Report.

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Published on: 31 Aug 2023

Just one year ago, Niki Sahni (BCom’06) launched an independent adverting agency, and already it has brought on big name clients like KFC, Diageo, Scotiabank, and Nestlé.

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Published on: 22 Aug 2023

Brian O'Neill (BCom’51), a cornerstone of the National Hockey League since joining its executive offices in 1966, died Friday morning at his care home in Montreal, the league announced Friday. He was 94.

Born and raised in Montreal, O’Neill earned a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola College before coming to McGill, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics while playing hockey for the McGill Redbirds.

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Published on: 24 Jul 2023

After two years as the President and CEO of the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), Jacques Farcy (EMBA’21) is assuming the same titles at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), a Quebec government crown corporation that sells and distributes alcohol. “I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to the SAQ’s development and working with each member of the great SAQ team, to satisfy each and every customer on a daily basis and generate value for Quebec,” Farcy said in a press release.

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Published on: 4 Jul 2023

"I want there to be a day where there’s more than just two red scarves [at the Faculty of Management convocation] and that’s what I’m going to continue to work to achieve," says Leon Picha (BCom’23).

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Published on: 27 Jun 2023

The Linda and Robert J. Goldberger MBA Fellowship was established in 2009, and was one of the first MBA fellowships at Desautels. The Goldbergers initial pledge was matched by a large Montreal charitable foundation to establish this endowment, and over the years, the Goldbergers have continued to add to it, with a former employer matching several annual donations to McGill. “Everyone knows what compounding means,” says Mr.

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Published on: 14 Jun 2023

McGill Desautels Faculty of Management alum Tim Thompson (MBA’90) served as the keynote speaker at this year’s Lavender Grad, an event celebrating the graduation of McGill students who identify as two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, trans, queer, intersex, or non-binary.

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Published on: 12 Jun 2023


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