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Daniel Tenenbaum (BCom’88) looks back fondly at his time at McGill. He credits his alma mater with instilling a passion for civic engagement and laying a foundation for success in business.

Now, as the founder of an investment company, he encourages students to find a healthy balance between work and other interests.

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Published on: 26 Mar 2021

Desautels alumnus William Shatner (BCom'52, DLitt'11) recently celebrated his 90th birthday. The actor jokingly wondered on Twitter: “What happens when I get to 120?” A native of Montreal, Shatner returned to his alma mater in 2011 to receive an honorary doctorate. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante reached out with warm wishes to Shatner on Twitter, and NASA also sent a birthday message to the Star Trek star.

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Published on: 26 Mar 2021

Entrepreneur Fabienne Colas (EMBA’21) recently created Women of Colour Thrive/Ellev Femmes de Couleur with a vision for cultivating diverse female talent in the workplace.

The organization will work in tandem with companies across Canada to identify and address opportunities to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

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Published on: 26 Mar 2021

Aliénor Armand-Linot (MBA’17) was building her career in investment banking on Wall Street when she made the decision to join McGill’s MBA program in 2015.

After gaining a new set of skills and experiences thanks to mentors like Professors Jay Hewlin and Elliot Lifson, she went on to become a Director in the Natural Resources group at PSP Investments.

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Published on: 26 Mar 2021

The sixth annual McGill24 campaign went digital this year, raising over $3.8 million in 24 hours to support the next generation of students, faculty members, and student-athletes across the McGill ecosystem. A record 55 student-led projects were hosted on McGill’s crowdfunding platform to raise funds in support of student research.

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Published on: 18 Mar 2021

With strong familial ties to Iran, Kathy Fazel (BCom’91) knew she had to act when a plane was shot down in Iran, killing 176 people, including two McGill students. She and her husband donated $24,000 to establish the M.A. Fazel Scholarship in support of Iranian-born students at McGill. The announcement marks the seventh anniversary of the passing of her father, who attended high school in Iran and encouraged his children to pursue the higher education he never received. 

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Published on: 18 Mar 2021

Julie Savaria (MBA’15) credits Desautels with expanding her commitment to pursuing justice, equity, diversion and inclusion (JEDI) throughout her career.

In 2020, she founded Bindia Savaria Consulting to help organizations examine and improve JEDI initiatives worldwide.

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Published on: 18 Mar 2021

Four former Desautels students were recently featured in new episodes of Alma Matters, a podcast presented by McGill University Athletics and Recreation.

Mathieu Darche (BCom’00) won a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020, while Richard Pound (BCom’62) is a former Olympic swimmer who currently serves as an International Olympic Committee Member.

Hubert Lacroix (MBA’81) has coached multiple McGill sports teams, and currently works as a lawyer in Montreal.

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Published on: 18 Mar 2021

Since its launch in 2016, EMERGE Commerce has risen to become a leader in direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. Professor Karl Moore recently spoke with EMERGE Commerce founder and CEO Ghassan Halazon (BCom’06) to unpack the evolving relationship between consumers and the internet during the pandemic.

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Published on: 4 Mar 2021

With nearly 15 years of professional consulting experience under his belt, Rick Heinick (IMPM’09) decided to return to the classroom in 2009 to earn a master’s degree. After graduating from McGill at age 44, he founded the Boston-based pharmaceutical company Tear Clear, where he still serves on the Board of Directors. While Heinick believes that there is no wrong age to earn a graduate degree, he views prior experience as a major asset, not a liability.

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Published on: 26 Feb 2021

After receiving substantial financial support to complete his BCom degree at Desautels, Pierre LeBrun (BCom’72) has been paying it forward for over five decades. From the time he joined RBC as summer student in 1965 to his retirement from a Senior VP position in 2000, he has steadfastly worked to give students the same opportunity he received. In 2019, LeBrun became the inaugural donor for the Desautels Dean’s Legacy Fund, which will allow him to support students even after his death.

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Published on: 26 Feb 2021

Two McGill graduates have reached the divisional championship of the Toastmasters International, a speech evaluation competition created in 1924 to promote public speaking and leadership skills internationally. Jean-Francois Bertrand (EMBA’14) captured first place in the discourse of assessment in French, while Michael Rodrigues (EMBA’20) won the English speech assessment. They join two others in the next round of the competition, scheduled to take place virtually on March 20.

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Published on: 26 Feb 2021

At this year's 41st Desautels Management Achievement Awards, McGill BCom students honoured four individuals who have made significant contributions to the Canadian economy and way of life throughout their professional careers. This was the first edition of the ceremony to be held virtually, with the organizers and honourees truly personifying the values of the DMAA - resilience, pushing ahead and innovation.

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Published on: 26 Feb 2021

Catherine Patry (EMBA’20) sits down with Quebec Reveille to discuss her final paper at Desautels, which examines the relationship between humour and women leaders in business.

In “Humor, a coat of epoxy on the glass ceiling,” Patry studies seventeen women leaders across industries and concludes that managerial humour remains gendered.

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Published on: 22 Feb 2021

Doug Allan (BCom’08) is on a mission to teach people financial tips and tricks they probably didn’t learn in high school. The Desautels alumnus recently released “A Fighting Chance: The High School Finance Education Everyone Deserves,” a 10-chapter guidebook that encourages readers to study financial literacy early in life. By discussing topics ranging from creating a personal budget to managing a credit card, Allan aspires to help young people transition into a debt-free adulthood.

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Published on: 12 Feb 2021


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