Linda and Robert J. Goldberger’s commitment to MBA Fellowship has helped it grow

Published: 14 June 2023

The Linda and Robert J. Goldberger MBA Fellowship was established in 2009, and was one of the first MBA fellowships at Desautels. The Goldbergers initial pledge was matched by a large Montreal charitable foundation to establish this endowment, and over the years, the Goldbergers have continued to add to it, with a former employer matching several annual donations to McGill. “Everyone knows what compounding means,” says Mr. Goldberger (MBA’82), “but when you see an endowment fund that you started with zero dollars and it becomes a distribution of $25,000 per year, it’s growth upon growth. It’s building all the time and it’s forever, that’s the beauty of an endowment.”

Pictured: Bob Goldberger with award recipients, including Justine Nadeau-Routhier second from left.

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