Sebastien Betermier

2020 SSHRC Grants awarded

Published: 23Feb2021

Congratulations to the Desautels professors who received 2020 SSHRC Grants....

Desautels professor lends expertise to Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) study

Published: 5Feb2021

One of Wall Street’s least-known trading companies, Jane Street has quietly become a global market-maker. With a niche in the world of exchange traded funds (ETFs), the company was well-positioned...

Investors anticipate low-carbon economy

Published: 19Jan2021

As the renewable energy sector grows in leaps and bounds; pension funds, banks, investment companies, and insurance companies are waking up to the risk of devaluation in fossil fuel investments.

Two international teams claim victory in McGill portfolio-building competition

Published: 7Dec2020

The first virtual McGill International Portfolio Competition (MIPC) drew 93 university teams from 18 countries to design portfolio strategies that address the rise of social inequalities and...

93 student teams tackle social inequality and protectionism at MIPC 2020

Published: 12Nov2020

The fourth annual McGill International Portfolio Challenge invited 93 student teams from 18 countries to compete to solve a complex portfolio construction problem. This year’s case study challenged...

Delve: Canada’s Pension Plan Is the Envy of the World, and Now We Know Why

Published: 9Nov2020

A new study by Prof Sebastien Betermier is the first to use real data to do a quantitative analysis of asset allocation strategies and cost structures for hundreds of pension, endowment, and...

The case for a long-term divestment strategy

Published: 5Nov2020

Pressure is on the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to divest from fossil fuel companies in support of Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Professor Sebastien Betermier...

Advocacy for a second Caisse de dépôt

Published: 24Sep2020

An article in La Presse features Sebastien Betermier’s research that reveals the superiority of Canadian pension funds. Using the Canadian pension funds as a model for success, the article proposes...

The Canadian Pension Fund Model: A Quantitative Portrait

Published: 10Sep2020

Authors:Alexander Beath, Sebastien Betermier, Chris Flynn, Quentin Spehner Published: July 21, 2020. Available at SSRN Abstract:


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