Sebastien Betermier

Crypto’s impressive returns led institutional investors to consider unconventional investments

Published: 2Dec2022

Cryptocurrencies have always been volatile, but they have also generated some very impressive returns. Even large pension funds got in on the action, and some of them have been burned. By investing...

A place to call home trumps portfolio diversification for some investors

Published: 14Nov2022

Many households are heavily, or even exclusively, invested in real estate. That’s a lot of money to have tied up in a single type of investment, but people don’t think of houses like other...

MIPC wraps up with MDIIM Symposium and Grand Finale

Published: 14Nov2022

The Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management Symposium on The Road to Net Zero took place on November 2, marking the opening ceremony of the sixth edition of the McGill International...

Real estate investment helps Canadian pension plans outperform peers

Published: 31Oct2022

Canada’s pension plans consistently outperformed their peers between 2004 and 2018, largely thanks to their diversified their assets, which include investments in real estate and infrastructure...

Why the CAQ’s proposed economic incentives may not be all they cracked up to be

Published: 28Sep2022

“Many of the drivers of the inflation we are seeing today are coming from the supply and production side of the economy,” says Associate Professor of Finance Sebastien Betermier in an interview...

When a recession is coming, investors need to keep a level head

Published: 28Sep2022

How should investors react to a looming market downturn? Don’t panic, says Prof. Sebastien Betermier, an Associate Professor of Finance at Desautels. This sounds simple enough, but it’s easier said...

Inflation is a major challenge for seniors on fixed incomes

Published: 7Sep2022

When food prices rise, seniors on fixed incomes pay a heavy price. Seniors living on federal pensions have lost $1,600 in purchasing power, according to Pierre Lynch, the president of the...

Countries with high debt and a reliance on imports could face tough times

Published: 25Aug2022

Sri Lanka is facing down a liquidity crisis. It has $50 billion in debt to foreign creditors, but no foreign currency reserves. The country foreign currency was depleted when pandemic-related...

Higher interest rates are already packing a punch

Published: 2Aug2022

Payments on variable rate mortgages have gone up, and house prices have gone down. We are already seeing the impact of higher interest rates, and we are not done yet, according to Prof. Sebastien...


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