Karl Moore

Family-owned firms outperform over the long term: National Bank of Canada report

Published: 28Jun2022

Publicly traded Canadian family businesses provide superior long-term performance, according to a new report by the National Bank of Canada. To better understand what makes these firms distinctive,...

WestJet expected to reduce service in the east, increase focus on western Canada

Published: 28Jun2022

WestJet is expected to reduce service in the Toronto-Montreal-Ottawa triangle to focus on growth in western Canada. That could leave the east with a competition problem, but it’s likely a good move...

MAA Oakville - Summer Meet & Greet featuring Prof. Karl Moore


The McGill Alumni Association Oakville is pleased to invite you to a summer kick-off meet and greet at The Oakville Club. This event will be an opportunity for Halton-region McGillians to gather...

HITLAB is using artificial intelligence to identify the hit songs of the future

Published: 16Jun2022

A hit song can capture lightning in a bottle, but what is the exact mix of characteristics that make one song a global phenomenon - and another a hidden gem. There has always been a bit of alchemy...

Celebrating excellence in teaching at Desautels

Published: 10Jun2022

Across programs and subject areas, the Desautels Faculty of Management recognizes the vital role that teaching plays in enriching the student experience and in inspiring the next generation of...

Government of Canada Deputy Minister encourages employees to seek practical ways to encourage reconciliation

Published: 8Jun2022

Talking about racism in the workplace can be uncomfortable, but that’s how you know that it is working, according to Gina Wilson, the Deputy Minister, Diversity and Inclusion and Youth and Senior...

Ukraine’s strong territorial defence owes much to strong sense of civic duty

Published: 8Jun2022

Russia’s attack on Ukraine was not unexpected, but its scale surprised many. “There was a common expectation of escalation in the East and the South,” says Mykhaylo Petechuk (MBA’13), who has...

Competition from Flair Airlines could contribute to lower airfares in Canada

Published: 8Jun2022

Canada’s airline duopoly has kept airfares high, and Flair Airlines set out to challenge that with ultra-low-cost flying. A foreign ownership stake brought the company under investigation by the...

Sustainable materials could help solve the fashion industry’s emissions problem

Published: 2Jun2022

The fashion industry is responsible for about 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and most originate with the raw materials used in clothing -- like leather, cotton, and synthetic fibres. Evoco...


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