Karl Moore

Experts: U.S. seeking $25M from Air Canada for being slow to refund customers

Published: 15Jun2021

The U.S. Department of Transportation is seeking a $25.5 million US penalty against Air Canada for "failing to provide consumers prompt refunds" after cancelling their flights amid the COVID-19...

Ready for takeoff

Published: 10Jun2021

With the dip in domestic air travel as a result of the pandemic, pilot David Morgan redefined the flight experience by launching AxAir Aviation, a charter plane service for local business and...

Timing is everything

Published: 10Jun2021

Branding and marketing initiatives across industries rely heavily on trend-spotters like Laura Saunter, who predicted millennials’ obsession with pink several years ago. Professor Karl Moore...

Blazing a trail for reconciliation

Published: 4Jun2021

Professor Karl Moore joins Wáhiakatste Diome-Deer in a conversation with Jolain Foster to learn about how her identity as a Gitxsan informs her career in accounting at Deloitte. Foster is committed...

Practical tips for introverted leaders

Published: 3Jun2021

Based on interviews with more than 400 CEOs, Professor Karl Moore offers practical suggestions for introverted leaders to support their more extroverted employees. For the introvert, he says,...

Creating entrepreneurial solutions in the arts

Published: 3Jun2021

Childhood friends William Lande and Sam Tannenbaum are taking the art world by a storm with their online sales business, Bidgala, which connects artists with potential buyers. Professor Karl Moore...

When introverts should act like extroverts 

Published: 27May2021

Professor Karl Moore has interviewed hundreds of CEOs to research the impact of introversion and extroversion on leadership. While those who fall squarely on the introvert end of the spectrum have...

8 signs you could be an ambivert

Published: 21May2021

Professor Karl Moore weighs in on the age-old debate about extroverts and introverts, pointing to the middle of the spectrum: ambiversion. In his experience, ambiverts can gain a competitive...

Building a digital culture

Published: 21May2021

According to Nigel Vaz, the CEO of a digital consulting firm called Publicis Sapient, digital transformation is becoming an existential imperative for businesses of every size and sector. Professor...


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