Desautels Diversity Student Clubs

Discover student clubs that foster equity, diversity and inclusion at Desautels. In addition to these clubs, the McGill Undergraduate Society and Desautels Graduate Student Society have diversity committees focused on advancing students initiatives in these areas.


Desautels Women in Business

Desautels Women in Business (DWIB) aims to provide a platform for students to explore the opportunities and careers available to them. They are continuously expanding their strong network of women interested in a career in management: from professionals to current students and professors to alumni. Together, they aim to educate and inspire our students to achieve their goals with confidence as they begin to shape their futures. 


Visit DGSS Clubs and Activities page for more info

Desautels Graduate Health and Wellness Committee

The Desautels Graduate Health and Wellness Committee is a student run committee with a mission to destigmatize the conversation on mental health and promote physical and mental wellbeing. It aims to provide a platform to discuss health and wellness of the student body at Desautels and host events to equip students with skills to lead healthy lives at Desautels and beyond. 

Desautels Graduate LGBTQ+ Association (DGLA)

The Desautels Graduate LGBTQ+ Association is an organization open to all students with an interest in creating more inclusive experiences in the Desautels community and in their future professional settings. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the issues members of the LGBTQ+ community face and how allies can help create an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Through events, speakers, and participation in external activities, we work to build relationships and collaborations with other student associations at McGill University, corporate allies and wider LGBTQ+ community in Montreal. 

Desautels Graduate Women’s Association (DGWA)

The DGWA's mission is to maximize the professional development of female students and alumni of the McGill graduate programs through strategic engagement with the McGill community and broader Montreal networks. We enable networking opportunities, celebrate successful women in business and facilitate interactions with influential people. 

One World One Culture Committee

The One World One Culture Committee at Desautels aims to share and expose its student community to the unique experiences associated with different cultures through social and professional events that promote inclusiveness and cultural tolerance. The Committee focuses on the African, Asian, French, Latin American and North American culture through their respective sub-committees.

The five clubs below fall under the One World One Culture umbrella.

Desautels Graduate African Club (DAC)

Our mission is to spread the vibrant and unique culture of Africa to McGill cohort while uplifting each other to succeed in different fields. We organize professional events in collaboration with other African Association, such as African business initiative, to learn from our predecessors who experienced the culture shock and advice for succeeding in the professional space. We also delve in cultural events, sit and chat, wine & dance to shake off some homesickness.

Desautels Graduate Asia Club

The Club promotes and educates our cohort on Asian culture and values, bring together the MBA, MMF and PMBAs in social gatherings, introduce spousal mixers, support and collaborate with other graduate and undergraduate clubs on collective initiatives.

Desautels Graduate Francophonie Club

The Desautels Graduate French Club is a social and conversation club that serves as part of the One World, One Culture Committee. The club seeks to promote French language and Quebec culture at the graduate student level by offering a forum in which students can improve and maintain their French language skills through weekly social events. The club also provides Desautels graduate students with a subsidy for French courses offered by the McGill Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS).

Desautels Graduate Latin America Club

The club organises events to share the Latin-American culture at McGill and enhance the experiences of its members by building a supportive network. These vary from social events (such as dinners to Latin restaurants, Latin parties, Salsa Classes etc.) to professional events (such as speaker series, information about job opportunities in Latin-American companies, etc.)

Desautels Graduate North America Club

As part of McGill MBA North America Club, we aim to bring together all members of the Desautels graduate community for social and professional events that highlight some of the unique experiences associated with living in Canada. We plan to accomplish this by celebrating events such as North American holidays and organizing panels about working in Canada.

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