Suzanne Gagnon and Saku Mantere awarded 2016 SSHRC Insight Grant


Published: 24Oct2016

Congratulations to Professor Suzanne Gagnon of Organizational Behaviour and Saku Mantere of Strategy and Organization on being awarded 2016 SSHRC Insight Grant" "Social Innovation in Human Rights, Equity and Diversity: Complex Systems and Discourses of Change". 

Together with Wendy Culkier (PI) at Ryerson University, this proposed program of research builds on previous research in social innovation and cross-sector, inter-organizational collaboration to examine discourses used by social actors in advancing Human Rights, and Diversity (HRED) in the Canadian context. The study will provide new knowledge on processes through which social innovation is achieved, and alternatively, impeded, by prevailing discursive practices among different organizations and other actors in this domain (i.e., the language that they use and the issues that are emphasized). The study will contribute to theory in social innovation and inter-organizational collaboration, as well as to the emerging bodies of knowledge on activist approaches to equality and diversity studies.