Is bigger better? How the scale effect influences green purchase intention: The case of washing machine

Emine Sarigollu
Published: 16 March 2022

Authors: Chenxuan Hou and Emine Sarigöllü

Publication: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Volume 65, March 2022, Article 102894


To stimulate purchase of green products, retailers and marketers need to know how to effectively present benefits of green products, specifically by numerical information. Accordingly, the current study provides useful insights on how to use numerical scale to influence consumer perceptions and green purchase intention. Data from a survey of 302 consumers show that green benefits expressed with an expanded scale (versus a contracted scale) increase perceived value of green products, producing in turn an increase in green purchase intention. Furthermore, low skepticism consumers perceive more value from benefits expressed in an expanded scale, but high skepticism consumers are less likely to be influenced by framing of the numerical scale due to heightened involvement. Significant moderation of consumer skepticism reveals its tempering effect on numerosity heuristic thinking in favor of the central processing route. These findings advance knowledge in the fields of numerosity heuristic, consumer decision and green consumption and provide managerial implications for retailers to formulate effective market segmentation strategies and enhance persuasiveness of numerical information to promote green purchase behavior.



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