Emine Sarigollu

Associate Professor, Marketing; Academic Director, International Management & Exchange Programs
Emine Sarigollu
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emine.sarigollu [at] mcgill.ca
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darlene.fowler [at] mcgill.ca

Bronfman Building, [Map]
1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1G5


BA, Bogazici University, Turkey
MBA. Bogazici University, Turkey
MA, University of Pennsylvania, USA
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Dr. Emine Sarigöllü is Associate Professor and Academic Director International Management at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management. She is also founder of MIM (McGill Institute of Marketing). Dr. Sarigöllü served as Associate Dean responsible from the undergraduate program 2005-2012 and Marketing area coordinator 2000–2006.

Dr. Sarigöllü’s primary research domain is choice. She has investigated choice in both existing and really new products across a variety of contexts and implemented statistical models to analyze the impact of marketing decisions on choice. In this domain, she has also explored the relationship between environmental perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in various cross-cultural contexts. Dr. Sarigöllü has extended her research in this area to examine the relationship between brand awareness, brand equity and market outcome. She won the Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition held by the Marketing Science Institute for "A Dissertation Proposal: Patterns of Brand Choice When Consumers Follow a Dynamic Satiation Process: When Does Switching Indicate Satiation?"

Dr. Sarigöllü’s secondary research domain is ethical leadership. Her research addresses the lack of synthesis in this domain and contributes to the literature by bringing together various multidimensional approaches toward developing conceptual and empirical models.

Dr. Sarigöllü’s has extensive international experience in marketing research and survey methodology. She has conducted market research projects for various businesses and organizations including Bell Canada, Le Groupe Jean Coutu, CIBC, Rhone - Poulenc Rorer Canada Inc., and Saint James United Church.

Dr. Sarigöllü’s teaching experience includes Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Survey Design and Techniques, Data-Based Marketing and Customer Response Models courses at the undergraduate and graduate program levels at McGill University, Rutgers University and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. In addition, she has directed executive seminars for private, public and non-profit sector managers and researchers, as well as academicians in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Dr. Sarigöllü has extensive experience in curriculum design and development. At McGill, she has led the first major redesign of the Bachelor of Commerce Program (2005) in over ten years. In addition, she has developed new interdisciplinary programs: International Management Major (2008-2009); Minor in Global Governance, Human Rights & Conflict; and 4 Minors in Management (2006-2008). Dr. Sarigöllü has also led or participated in various international curriculum development projects including Canadian International Development Agency’s projects at People’s University in Beijing, China and INIE in Havana, Cuba, and various others including Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey and Royal University for Women in Bahrain.

Curriculum vitae: 
Tenured & Tenure Track
Research areas: 
Brand Equity
Environmental Perceptions & Attitudes
Ethical Leadership
International Business
Marketing Research Techniques & Survey Methodology
Selected publications: 

Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Ewing, G. and Sarigöllü, E. "Assessing Consumer Preferences for Clean-Fuel Vehicles: A Discrete Choice Experiment", Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, v. 19, no. 1, 2000, pp. 106-118.

Ewing, Gordon and Sarigöllü, Emine "A Model of Car Fuel-Type Choice Under Travel Demand Management and Economic Incentives" (1998), Transportation Research D, Vol. 3 (6).

Vincent, George, Milne, Simon and Sarigöllü, Emine, "Evolving Demand for Grenada's Tourism Product" (1998), Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 10 (3), 63-83.

Sarigöllü, Emine, "Satiation and Switching: The Dynamic Attribute Satiation Model Meets Observed Choice Patterns" (1998), Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, 14 (3), 175-187.

Sarigöllü, Emine and Schmittlein, David C., "The Effect of Variety Seeking Behavior on Optimal Product Positioning," (1996), Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, 12 (1), 27-44.

Sarigöllü, Emine, "Assessing the Predictive Effectiveness of the Variety Seeking and Reinforcement Models" (1994), Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, 10 (1), 27-46.

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Awards, honours, and fellowships: 


2009-2010: MUS Professor of the Year

1988: Winner of Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition by the Marketing Science Institute

1983-1987: Fulbright Scholarship

1981: List of Honor (MBA)

1979: AIESEC Traineeship Award

1976-1980: List of Honor (Undergraduate)


1983-1987: Doctoral Fellowship in Marketing, University of Pennsylvania


2001: Marketing Science Institute grant with Demetrios Vakratsas and Myung-Soo Jo, for “What Happens to “.coms” When “Conventionals” Go Hybrid? The Case of Online Grocery Portals”
1994-1997: FCAR Grant with Simon Milne, and Gordon Ewing, for "Changes in Tourism: Exploring the Marketing, Product Development and Regional Economic Dimensions"
1993-1994: Environment Canada Grant with Gordon Ewing, for "The Role of User Charges in Reducing Automobile Air Pollution in Canada"
1994: Faculty of Management Internal Research Committee Grant, for "The Impact of TV Advertising on Sales"
1993: Grenada Government Grant with Simon Milne and George Vincent, for "Grenada's Tourism Product: Exploring the Development Options"
1993: Social Sciences Grants Sub-Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, McGill University
1992: Sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute (Boston, Mass), NPD/Nielsen (Port Washington, NY), and Research Systems Corporation (Evansville - Indian for the "An Investigation of the Relationship Between Ad Attitude and Brand Choice Using Scanner Data," project
1992: Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Travel Grant for the Marketing Science Conference in London, UK
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