Delve podcast: Navigating Digital Ecosystems & Transforming Strategy with Yolande Chan

Published: 4Nov2021

Digital technologies today are highly generic and highly specific at the same time – even a mobile phone is also a translator, a map and an entertainment system – complicating the design of...

Delve: When a Good Boss is Bad for Workers

Published: 16Dec2019

New research from Prof Patricia Hewlin explores how a boss’s integrity affects whether an employee is being true to her/his own identity, even when there’s a disconnect with the group’s values. If...

Risk and return at the fifth annual MIPC

Published: 15Nov2021

To kick off the fifth edition of the McGill International Portfolio Challenge, Professor Sebastien Betermier moderated a Delve Integrated Management symposium powered by Global Risk Institute in...

Delve podcast: New Normal: COVID-19 and the Leadership Crisis with Jean-Nicolas Reyt

Published: 11Oct2021

Launching the second season of Delve’s The "New Normal" podcast series, Professor Jean-Nicolas Reyt discusses why businesses should embrace a hybrid work method, why the future of workspaces needs...

Delve: Occupational Evolution or Extinction?

Published: 20Oct2021

Despite being essential in organizations across sectors, data scientists wrestle with the implications of writing the code that will replace their own jobs. New research by Desautels Professors...

Delve: A Digital Currency for the Public by the Public

Published: 1Nov2021

Could a Central Bank Digital Currency ensure privacy and transparency for every transaction? A new model of digital currency by Desautels Professor Katrin Tinn proposes a secure yet anonymous ...

Delve podcast: New Normal: The Pivot to Climate Sustainability for SMEs with Dror Etzion

Published: 28Oct2021

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for as much environmental impact as the entire Canadian transportation industry—yet solving their climate impact requires a unique approach. In the "New...

Delve: Crafting Local Terroir & Putting Quebec Cheese on the Map with Robert David

Published: 25Oct2021

Terroir conjures European flavours and landscapes, flora and fauna, champagne and Parmigiano-Reggiano, but Quebec terroir has become a player in the terroir game. On the Delve podcast, Desautels...

Delve podcast: Gourmet Food Trucks and the Authenticity Recipe with Daphne Demetry

Published: 1Oct2021

An entrepreneurship venture high in creativity, culture, and community and low in risk, gourmet food trucks illuminate how authenticity and associated identities—like the “cultural omnivore”—are...


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