Second Joint McGill–ZNZ Workshop: focus on Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 08:15to12:15

This Workshop is the latest scientific event for the longstanding partnership between McGill University, The Neuro, and the Neuroscience Center Zurich (ZNZ).

Together, we are building a framework to promote and sustain neuroscience research collaborations in fields of mutual strategic interest. This workshop focuses on neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Organized by: Wolfgang Knecht (ZNZ), Fritjof Helmchen (ZNZ), Anne McKinney (McGill), and Stefano Stifani (The Neuro-McGill)

Program (times are EDT):

8:15-8:30 Log-in 
8:30-8:45 Welcome and introductions 

Stick to your path – but not too firmly: Endoglycan in neural circuit development

Esther Stöckli (ZNZ)


Neurobiology of Developmental Brain Disorders- Learning from Animal Models

Yang Zhou (The Neuro-McGill)


Neurodevelopmental resilience and susceptibility to maternal immune activation

Urs Meyer (ZNZ)


Purine salvage in human midbrain neurodevelopment: New insights into dopaminergic cell development from a rare disease

Carl Ernst (McGill)

10:05-10:15 Break

Risk and resilience in the developing brain

Mayada Elsabbagh (The Neuro-McGill)


Brain mapping across autism mouse models with functional MRI

Valerio Zerbi (ZNZ)


Large-Scale Brain Networks in Cognitive Development and Psychopathology

Xiaoqian Chai (The Neuro-McGill)


Developmental pathoconnectomics and advanced human fetal MRI

Andras Jakab (ZNZ)

11:35-12:15 Open discussion (speakers and planning committee members)

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