Aimen Moussaddy: Treating the human impacts of stroke

28 Jun 2022

Motivated by his passion for the brain, Dr. Aimen Moussaddy strives to better understand and treat stroke while maintaining a human focus in his care and research.

A Day in the Life of neuroradiologist Jesse Klostranec

15 Jun 2022

Jesse Klostranec is part of a highly specialized team providing rapid assessment, diagnostics, and treatment of stroke patients at The Neuro.

Stroke: not on women’s radars

9 Mar 2022

Lack of information can mean women don’t recognize a serious health event when it happens.

Recognizing and preventing stroke before it occurs

28 Jun 2021

June is Stroke Awareness Month. It’s important to understand what a stroke is, its warning signs and how to prevent it.

Stroke Awareness Month – June, 2018

Published: 14 June 2018

Award-winning unit will add 10 new beds this year...

June is Stroke Month

Published: 1 June 2017

The Neuro is an important centre for stroke care in Montreal...

Quebec federation honours Dr. Tampieri

Published: 4 November 2016

Neuroradiologist recognized for her innovations in healthcare...

Molecule shown to repair damaged axons

Published: 8 March 2017

Discovery could be key to treating brain and spinal cord injury...

Stroke month - June

Published: 22 June 2015

Time is brain: for every minute a stroke is left untreated, 2 million brain cells are destroyed. The sooner patients are treated, the higher the chances of survival with fewer disabilities. ...


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