Program Audit

Schulich students outside of the Strathcona Music building


All newly admitted students and those who have transferred to another music program within the Schulich School of Music can access an individually customized program plan via McGill’s OneDrive on Microsoft Office 365. Called the Program Audit (PA), this personalized document is exclusive to students pursuing a Bachelor of Music or a Licentiate in Music at Schulich.

The PA allows a student to track their progress toward the fulfillment of their degree requirements by keeping a record of their exemptions, transfer credits and all of the courses that a student has completed towards the fulfillment of their program. The Music Student Affairs Office updates the PA once a year, usually around October.

Do not use the Degree Evaluation Tool on Minerva to plan for your courses or review graduation requirements. This form is inaccurate and not a true reflection of courses completed within your program.

To access the PA:

  1. Log into the Microsoft OneDrive for Business site using your McGill username and password here:
  2. Once in the Office 365 portal, click on the “Shared Folder", you will see an Excel document with your name, formatted as: LastName_PreferredFirstName_Program, e.g. Smith_John_BMus
  3. You can download a copy of your PA so you can make notes to help plan your future studies.

The PA is the official tool that Schulich School of Music uses for advising and graduation review. Contact the [at] (Student Affairs Office )if you have any questions about your PA.

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