Research Alive: Student Prize (Graduate)

Lena Heng standing at lectern during a 2018-19 Research Alive Series event

Brief overview and prize information

The Research Alive series aims to unveil what makes music so magical through live performances and dialogue between researchers and musicians. Presented 4 times each year by various members of the Schulich community, each talk highlights exciting research, showcases live musical examples and demonstrations, and concludes with a short piece to tie it all together.

In collaboration with this series, the annual Research Alive Student Prize will be awarded to a graduate student following a live audition in April 2020.

The winner will receive $1,000 through a generous donation from Jill de Villafranca and Dr. David Kostiuk following their talk. The winner will also receive coaching in framing their work for a general public leading up to their talk, which is live streamed, video recorded, and subsequently posted on the Schulich School of Music YouTube channel.

Application deadline for presentation in the Research Alive 2020-2021 Series:

Extended deadline: April 15, 2020

Application process:

Submit a short proposal by email to Stephen McAdams (stephen.mcadams [at] presenting the research in such a way as to be fun, informative for a general audience, and exhilarating from both artistic and scholarly perspectives. The proposal should be 300-400 words and include the main issue to be addressed, a rough outline of the topic, how it would be illustrated musically, what musicians would be needed, and what piece of music (10 min. max) would end the talk. The talks are just under one hour (50-minute presentation, 10-minute performance or recording), followed by a Q&A. It is the winner's responsibility to recruit the musicians and to obtain any necessary rights to publicly perform the music or present visual materials used in the talk.

A short list of 3 proposals will be selected for the live audition in April 2020. Each finalist will present a 20-minute presentation highlighting what would be presented and performed if selected. The selection panel consists of the co-curators of the Research Alive series, faculty presenters drawn from the previous year's series, and Jill de Villafranca. The winner will present in the Research Alive series in the 2020-2021 series, and a special session of the Graduate Colloquium will be organized for the two runners up.


Graduate students who will be enrolled in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Past Student Prize Winners

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