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Research Alive 2019-20

Unveiling what makes music so magical in the ears and minds of the listener through live performance and dialogue between researchers and musicians.

Research Alive Series

23 October 2019

Lloyd Whitesell, Professor, Music History/Musicology
Glamour and Desire in the Hollywood Musical

When: 23 October 2019  - 17:00 to 18:00

How does musical style work? How do composers and arrangers create the sound of glamour? Lloyd Whitesell discusses all of these questions and more in relation to the Hollywood film musical.

20 November 2019

Rémi Bolduc and Jean-Michel Pilc, Associate Professors, Jazz; Kevin Dean, Professor, Jazz
Collective Improvisation: The Lifelike Nature of Instant Composition

When: 20 November 2019 -  17:00 to 18:00

6 February 2020

Linda Pearse and Karin Cuellar Rendon, finalists of the 2019-2020 Research Alive Student Prize
Musicking Off the Cuff: Models for Early Music Improvisation

Hester Bell Jordan, finalist of the 2019-2020 Research Alive Student Prize
'A notorious lady': Nannette Streicher Stein and Piano-Making in Early 19th-Century Vienna

When: 6 February 2020 - 17:00 to 18:00

11 March 2020

Hannah Darroch, flute, Winner of the 2019-2020 Research Alive Student Prize
"Cultural Convergences: Traditional Māori Flutes and Contemporary New Zealand Classical Music"

When: 11 March 2020 - 17:00 to 18:00

About Research Alive

The public face of the Schulich School of Music consists, in large majority, of performances by our excellent faculty and student musicians, at times performing works by our own composers. These performances provide a great glimpse into the talent at the School, but they don't fully represent everything that goes on in the music faculty. So the aim of the Research Alive series is to bring alive the research in music theory, music history and musicology, music education, and sound recording, as well as the many faces of musical science and engineering that make up the music technology area. In performance and composition, much research goes on behind the scenes that leads up to the final product, and that research process will also revealed.

Each event is given by a member of the School to bring to light their research, amply illustrated with live musical examples, and ending with a small piece performed by the faculty and students to tie it all together. So, our motto is "Bring alive the research with music."

This series is curated by Prof. Stephen McAdams and composition student Kit Soden.

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