Chamber Music Competition

2023-2024 Competition dates

Finals: Wednesday, December 6 at 7 pm in Pollack Hall

Overview and prizes

  1. Two prizes will be awarded to one group at the discretion of the jury (taking into account budgetary considerations and scheduling):

  2. A 5-7 day residence at the Mozarteum in Salzburg
    • Ensembles will be coached by several members of the host school.
    • Residence should be planned for the Winter semester 2023 and should be completed by July 2023.
    • Where possible, a performance will also be scheduled
    • The local institution will help by providing recommendations for inexpensive accommodation.
    • Travel allowance will be a maximum of $1800 per person, with extra compensation for a musician travelling with an instrument. Graduate students awarded this scholarship will not be eligible for additional GREAT funding for this trip
    • Prizes must be accepted as awarded (i.e., no cash equivalent)
  3. A Featured Recital at Bon-Pasteur

Information for applicants


  • Repertoire Requirements
    • One Complete Work
    • One Contrasting Work (at least one movement)
  • Two rounds will take place:
    • Preliminary Round: Wednesday, December 6, 10am - 1pm in Pollack Hall
    • Final Round: Wednesday, December 6 at 7-10pm in Pollack Hall
      (Dress rehearsal at 2-5pm)
  • Preliminary Jury: Marina Thibeault, Kyoko Hashimoto, Victor Fournelle-Blain, Jinjoo Cho
    Finals Jury: Marina Thibeault, Stephane Lemelin, Jinjoo Cho, Guillaume Sutre (Université de Montréal)
  • At the preliminary round, depending on the number of applications received, either a complete work or excerpts of a specified duration will be requested on the day of the competition.
  • 3 or 4 groups will be selected for the final round and each group will perform the full program in its entirety.
  • A list of finalists will be emailed to all participants as soon as possible following the first round.


Any group of between 3-5 instrumentalists who have taken MUEN 560, 561, or 568 (string, brass, wind, and mixed ensemble with piano) in the Fall 2023 semester and received coaching for the entire semester.

Application Procedures


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