Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium is a lecture series organized by the Department of Music Research.  Upcoming colloquium events are posted online in the What's On section. An electronic announcement is sent out a week before each event.


  • To provide Ph.D. students with a supportive and stimulating environment to present their research and meet their PhD peers;
  • To offer unique opportunities to engage with research presented by guest lecturers and  McGill faculty members;
  • To encourage students to attend a variety of professional development workshops that serve as a forum in which students can seek advice on professional issues.

Attendance Requirements

As a Ph.D. student, you must attend four terms of colloquium. If you are registered for MUGS 705: Doctoral Colloquium: you must attend 9 research lectures or professional-development events over the course of the semester for four terms:

  • Lectures or presentations at the Doctoral Colloquium Series;

If you are registered for MUGS 605: M.Mus. Colloquium: you need to attend 3 research lectures or professional-development events over the course of your degree.

Logging your Attendance

When attending the Friday Doctoral Colloquium:

  • Sign the attendance sheet distributed by the instructor at each presentation. 
  • If you attend an external event (hosted by CIRMMT, TLS, or another faculty or institution), you need to have one of the event organizers email brian.cherney [at] to confirm your attendance.

Presentation Requirement

PhD students must do a presentation on their thesis research at the Colloquium during the course of their doctoral studies.  The presentation should be 30 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and discussion. You are expected to present your dissertation research, but remember that your audience will include students and faculty from all the music research areas, so as much as possible, you should define your terms and make your points as generally accessible as you can. (This is good practice for job talks and grant applications, both of which are often evaluated by faculty in other disciplines.) Please send me a title, abstract (up to 150 words), optional image for the announcement, and brief bio (~50 words) at least one week in advance.


It is imperative that you contact the coordinator at the beginning of the academic year (Fall) in order to secure your spot for the Fall OR Winter semester. Students will be provided with written feedback by their peers and the coordinator that focus on how to further polish their presentation skills.


Registration and Evaluation. PhD students must register for MUGS 701D1/D2 in their first year of study (students only register once). A pass grade will be submitted once the attendance and presentation requirements have been met.  Excused absences must be accompanied with an official written note (e.g., medical excuse).  All other absences will be marked as unexcused if not replaced by another event approved by the instructor.


Please direct any questions regarding scheduling concerns, course requirements, and attendance to the Series Coordinator,
brian.cherney [at] (Brian Cherney) (email).

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