MUGS 605: M.Mus. Graduate Colloquium

M.Mus. Orchestral Instruments and Guitar students must participate in three professional development workshops or research colloquium/lectures approved by the Department of Performance throughout their program. Topics include performance, pedagogy, academic teaching, music and sound recording production, copyright, business, grantsmanship, etc.

How do I register?

Register for MUGS 605 in your first semester and continue until you have completed the requirement. Register for this course only once.

How do I participate in workshops? 

  • Choose an activity from the list below. In some cases, you must pre-register (e.g., McGill Skillsets).
  • Download the Colloquium Participation Form [pdf] and ask the leader of the workshop or the guest lecturer to sign the form at the end of the event.
  • Return the form within ten days to the Music Graduate Studies office, Room A726A or B, 527 Sherbooke St. West. Late forms will not be accepted.

Approved workshops and colloquium/lecture series

Seminars and workshops offered by the organizations below have been pre-approved. Students wishing to attend events not on this list must consult with the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof. Lisa Barg, ten days before the event by email: [at] (Prof. Lisa Barg).

  • CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture Series (see CIRMMT website)
  • live @ CIRMMT series (see CIRMMT website)
  • CIRMMT Seminar Series (see CIRMMT website)
  • Doctoral Lecture-Recitals with D. Mus. students from Schulich School of Music: TBA
  • Schulich School of Music Research Doctoral Colloquium (see full event listing)
  • Sessions on teaching from SKILLSETS (see their website). Others with permission from the department.
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