McGill Schoenberg Ensemble


Director: Guillaume Bourgogne

Participation: Initiated in September 2019, the McGill Schoenberg Ensemble is a chamber orchestra that serves as a workshop ensemble for graduate conducting students and undergraduate students registered for the minor in conducting, under the supervision of Guillaume Bourgogne.

About the McGill Schoenberg Ensemble

The McGill Schoenberg Ensemble, consisting of top level McGill students hired exclusively for this purpose, meets once a week on a repertoire that includes original works from Saint-Saëns, Schoenberg or Debussy to Berio as well as transcriptions of masterworks by composers such as Brahms, Mahler and Stravinsky. The core repertoire of this ensemble is Arnold Schoenberg’s approach in transcribing masterpieces for chamber orchestra for pedagogical and dissemination purposes. Conducting students have the opportunity to rehearse every week with the two versions of the Schoenberg Ensemble alternately: the “Arnold Octet” (flute, clarinet, two keyboards, string quartet) and the “Pierrot Quintet” (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello).

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