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Mission, Vision, Values

Exploring the foundation of Schulich’s Strategic Plan.

Schulich School of Music Mission

The mission of the Schulich School of Music is to offer the highest calibre of teaching and learning, grounded in exceptional performance and research, in an inclusive and inspiring environment. This mission is directed at enabling students to achieve their full potential as innovators, cultural leaders, and global citizens, well-prepared to face the 21st century, to maintain strong connections to local and global communities, and to advance well-being through the creative use of music.

Schulich School of Music Values

  1. Academic and artistic freedom: we value the advancement of learning through the free expression of ideas and pursuit of research and artistic creation.
  2. Integrity and professionalism: we conduct ourselves in all our interactions with respect for others and concern for fairness, inclusion and transparency.
  3. Creativity and innovativeness: we encourage imagination and rigour in our teaching, research and performance, seeking creative ways to sustain traditional practices while pursuing new paths.
  4. Communication and connectivity: we celebrate music’s multifaceted nature; its capacity to communicate non-verbally, physically, intellectually and emotionally, and its ability to connect at many levels with other arts and sciences and with the social and cultural experience of societies, groups and individuals.
  5. Collaboration: we value working across disciplinary, geographic and community boundaries to share, combine and advance knowledge.
  6. Student-centeredness: we keep student needs and well-being at the forefront of our teaching and learning and the support we provide.
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