Sponsored Borrowers

Faculty may request borrowing privileges for print material for individuals in the following categories. The faculty member takes full responsibility for any library transactions conducted by the person being sponsored including the payment for any outstanding fine/fees associated when the account expires. Revoking privileges may be requested by the faculty member if the person leaves prior to expiration of the account. These are individual accounts and only the sponsored borrower has access to the account.

The Sponsored Borrower card does not provide remote access to the Library’s electronic resources, nor does it give you access to all Library services and resources.

Borrowing Privileges for non-McGill individuals but sponsored by McGill

Sponsored Borrower

Account category

Method of application

Visiting scholars (including professors, librarians)

Faculty Staff

Department Chair, Associate Dean, Dean fills out a sponsored borrower form 1

Visiting graduate students

Graduate Students

Faculty member fills out sponsored borrower form



Research Associate/Research Assistants not on McGill payroll working with a McGill Faculty member

Graduate Students

Faculty member fills out sponsored borrower form


Short term program participants


Faculty member from sponsoring programs provide a listing the participants to their branch library

  1. A visiting scholar may alternatively bring a letter from a Dean of a McGill University Faculty or School, or Department Chair stating the specific period that a visiting scholar is affiliated, to the service desk of the branch library that liaises with the department. Please note that the McGill Faculty, School, or Department will be responsible for any outstanding fees.

Once the sponsored borrower form has been completed, the Sponsored Borrower will receive an email confirmation. The Sponsored Borrower should show this email to the service desk staff of the branch library selected on the form in order to complete their registration.

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