Proxy Borrowers - a new service

  • Faculty may authorize a Proxy Borrower to borrow print library materials on their behalf by completing the Proxy Borrower request form. The Proxy Borrower must have current borrowing privileges. Faculty may authorize multiple Proxy Borrowers, and someone may be a Proxy Borrower for multiple faculty members.
  • Once the form has been completed, the individual who has been assigned to be the Proxy Borrower will receive an email confirmation. The Proxy Borrower should show this email to the Loans Desk staff of the branch library they selected on the form. The branch library staff will create the proxy account in the system and issue a separate card to be used for “proxy” transactions.
  • The Proxy Borrowing card does not provide remote access to the Library’s electronic resources, nor does it give you access to all Library services and resources.
  • Proxy Borrowers are not able to place hold requests, scan requests or recalls on behalf of faculty in Worldcat Discovery. These requests must be placed in person at a branch library service desk.
  • The faculty member can see all his/her personal activity and activity carried out by his/her proxies. For the faculty member, in their Library Account there is no indication what materials were checked out by the faculty member and what materials were checked out by the Proxy Borrower. To find out which items where checked out by a Proxy Borrower, a faculty member will have to contact a branch library service desk.
  • A Proxy Borrower will have to visit a branch library service desk to get information about the materials that they have checked out on behalf of the faculty member.
  • Below is a chart of the notifications from Worldcat Discovery to the faculty member and the Proxy Borrower.




Bill notification

Faculty Member

Hold Pickup Notification

Proxy Patron

Hold Request Expiry Notification

Proxy Patron

Hold Shelf Expiry Notification

Proxy Patron

Long Overdue Notification

Proxy Patron and Faculty Member

Recall Notification

Proxy Patron




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